Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Okay, what he really said was "No, it's not!"

Well, yes, our Christmas's out here in Southern California are warm and bright but I can still smell the cold in the air.
PrettyBoy thinks I'm crazy. I guess from growing up out here I can pick up on the very subtle differences of our seasons. He says it doesn't feel like Christmas because there's no snow. :/ Poor little East Coaster, far from home.

Another thing about California Christmas's that amuses me is that, while the sun is out and shinning and it probably is no colder than 60 degrees, people are wearing their "winter" clothes. All of the Cali-kids have on their leggings and scarves and fuzzy hats, excitedly sporting this falls latest neutral colors. ;P It's fun.

Very quickly now I'd like to remind you all that you've just a week left to get the holiday sale prices on my merch. The prices bounce back up as of the 1st. Also, I'm getting limited on some t-shirt sizes.

So, my life has been out of control, as usual. Christmas is one thing but atop that PrettyBoy and I are moving again in just a few weeks so preparing for that has been taking up time. Add into the mix some very shitty roomies and their hordes of shitty friends making the living situation miserable and you have a sour, busy Nic. I don't feel like ranting the whole story at you all but there have been locks added to our bedroom door and front door locks changed and things added to our mini arsenal. We may leave early if it gets horrid enough.

For now we're trying to enjoy our first Christmas together. :)
You may remember last year I had just flown back to California from Massachusetts, expecting to never see PrettyBoy again.
You see how well that went! Clearly I can't be rid of the boy. ;)

Some family issues have changed our usual Christmas routines but I'm still just as excited to see what family I can and to bring PrettyBoy along for the ride. I expect lots of drinking, eating and merriment. :)

Also, you may have noticed I've been rather excited about Christmas. I am. I love Christmas! I love singing the songs and seeing the decorations, I love the holiday drinks and treats and food, I love seeing family and friends and having an excuse to give gifts.
But, yes, I am an atheist.
I don't need to believe in God or Santa or call up my Pagan roots to enjoy the holiday. I look at it more as a family tradition. I wasn't raised religiously and my house never spoke of God or things like that. We don't pray, we don't attend church. And so the holiday has always been for me a time for family and excitement. It still is that way. I still enjoy decorating a tree and wrapping up gifts. I don't need there to be a religious meaning to give me an excuse to enjoy music, pretty lights, good food and drink and good company.

So, on that note, I'll leave you with the sentiments (which I share) of another popular atheist on this holiday. Tim Minchin. :)

Oh, also, PS, I did a good portion of this page while drunk (oh god I'm so sorry) and when I first drew it I realized it looked like Nic was giving PB a swift kick to the nuts.
Since that is not a personal past-time, merely a professional one, I moved PB up abit. Now it looks like their knocking boots, and not in the naughty fun way. :/ Sorry. I suck! Gah!

PPS PrettyBoy cut his hair and beard yet again, just wanted to note why he looks different in many of my drawings. And... fuck I had something else to say and I forget. Meh, not important.

PPPS (god sorry xmas is making me manic) I remembered what I was to say! Yes, people DO really decorate palm trees with lights and ornaments out here. I think it's cute. :)

Featured Fetish: Doctor

EDIT: Crap, sooo my whole website has gone blurry now and I don't have time to fix it. >_< I'm sorry you guys, I'll work on it tonight.

Doctor roleplays are a pretty big and common fetish but the activities beyond that vary widely.

Most commonly asked for in the world of Pro are prostate exams and enemas, which is why I chose to throw that into the speech here. Our dungeon doesn't do those because they're considered illegal but lots of independent Dommes will cater to this.

Other common doctor play is needles, gynecological exams, dental bits and sounds. (We don't do most of these, either.)
There are lots of less invasive play that's more like roleplay such as just an "exam" where someone peeks around at you, exciting because of the feeling of exposure in front of an authority figure.

Taking the doctor thing a step further and inching into other fetish realms are the rubber and latex doctor outfits. A large part of the fetish is the costuming and there are worlds of colors and textures that go into the outfitting.

Hope that was enlightening! Sorry to be late and brief. I got swamped by commissions (which I'm still chugging away on) and now I've been taken over by AdultCon. In fact, I have to leave in an hour so... see ya!