Freaky Fetish Month

I'm actually about to walk out the door...
But I'm packing last minute. D:

Okay! So! You read the good news! Soon I'm back to normal dungeon work! I'll tell you all more when I have more time, see you in May! (Just a few days!)

OH! And if you live in the LA area then you should come by Saturday to help with the dungeon clean-up! I'll be out of town, like I mentioned, but anyone interested in volunteering can email Mistress Cyan at MistressCyan @ Gmail .com for more details. It's Saturday at 11am right next to LAX. Let me know if any of you help out. :) PrettyBoy might be there (hands off!!!)

Don't Watch TV

I don't watch tv except for downloading and streaming certain series (currently working my way through Deadwood.)

So, on the rare occasion that I do sit down in front of a television I'm shocked and horrified at the commercials. Almost EVERY ad is belching out lists of our supposed inadequacies! We're too fat (of course,) our eyelashes aren't full and long enough, our skin is wrinkled, our hair is dry, our feet are rough, our eyes are dull, our butts are flat, and these are just the few that I can list off the top of my head. There are ENDLESS drug commercials claiming that normal and slight discomforts warrant medication. And my FAVORITE part is that these medications that cure something silly (seriously Latisse?) tend to cause HEFTY side-effects!

Anyway, not to soap-box it up TOO much (but fuck it, what else is minor internet fame good for? ;P) but I swear that half of the insecurities people have with themselves today are due to commercials. Now, there are plenty of other things shouting at us about our "failings" such as billboards, shopfronts, others attitudes and radio commercials but television just seems SO much more invasive. I sincerely felt like even I, with my strong attitudes about self-worth, was being made slightly more insecure after a few hours of television.

It's nuts. It's ridiculous and crazy.

PLEASE don't let people with an agenda (fucking marketing, they want your money people) sell you poison social attitudes that lead you to hate yourself AND others. Don't treat yourself or other people like shit just because some ingenious marketer is inventing reasons to take your cash. I'll sell you a FREE way to be beautiful. Walk tall, smile and have confidence.

You think shaving my head and flaunting my hairy eyebrows, pits and legs endears me to people? Hell no! When I get admired it's because I'm strutting those hairy eyebrows, pits, legs and shaved head and grinning at the world. I'm grinning at the cool people for making living worthwhile and I'm grinning a big "fuck you" at the assholes of the world. People respect you when you respect yourself. And people love you when you love yourself...

So do it! <3


*steps down from her soapbox*

Official Switch

This is sorta close to the truth of how I moved up to switch officially. When I finally asked to be tested (honestly after alot of badgering from the Dommes) I was told everyone already knew I was switch material. A wonderful Mistress who I was close to asked me to just attend one of the play parties and that she'd watch me for a few minutes and use that as my official test and that's just what we did. :) It was fun!

Testing IS important in the pro scene because we need to be sure you can work without seriously injuring someone. But I had worked closely with all of these women for over a year and everyone had seen and heard me play and were confident in my abilities. It wasn't luck or favoritism on my part, however, I'm pretty sure it's just because I waited far longer than most subs do to move up to switch title.

Anyway, enough going on about that. I've been busy with a few commissions but I'm keeping up with the comic, too. I am once again art-slave, chained to my canvas and sketchbook.

So, it's official! Nic is now a switch. I just wanted to address it.

Suddenly Switch

I exist!

Okay, phew! So my busy weekend is finally over!
Now the updates should get steady once again.

I ended up working about 13hr days not including travel time and tear-down etc. It was killer. My feet were murdered! I still had a good time and made some money, though so... whoo! Also got to play with Mark. :)
A tens-centric weekend!

Not too much to say about the comic except Nic has kinda been switching without officially being tested for awhile now. You may remember she had to be tested waaaaaaaay back at the beginning (her fateful first meeting with Eve.)
Well, we test to be sub, switch and Domme. All positions require you to show that you know what you're doing.
And honestly, this and the next comic are basically essentially how I actually became a switch IRL. I'd been a sub for a freakishly long time but was switching with my clients anyway. When I decided to ask to move up I was told I was already there. You'll see why in the next comic.

So, I realized that I'd promised you all details about the dungeon and then dropped the ball!!! I was just so exhausted at the last update. My sleep-schedule is a mess! I'm trying to get back on track.

Alright, the newest news is that we SHOULD be opening on May 14th! Now, there have been alot of false starts so I'm not going to be freakishly surprised or anything if there are more unexpected delays but this does mean that the dungeon should finally be opening soon! I'm almost not sure I'm ready. :O

I've been having PrettyBoy spank me a bit to try to "whip" me back into shape. ;P I'm terrified that I've gone soft...
DomCon is fast approaching and so is the impending opening of the dungeon... which means I may be busy again very soon. I'm excited and nervous. I don't know what my schedule will be like in the beginning but we'll see if I'll need to make any changes around here.

The new dungeon and its owners all sound like they're going to be FANTASTIC.
We're welcoming a much more diverse group to work with, which is really nice and they seem very open to suggestions and want to keep close with us and make sure everyone communicates. I loved John and he was great to work for in many ways but he wasn't exactly a touchy-feely guy. I enjoy that we'll be run by women, I think there are countless upsides to that in this industry.

Anyway. I believe I've begun rambling. The long and the short of it is that soon I'll be back to regular dungeon work and I'm extremely excited. :)

More details as I get them!


Okay, I know it's another PrettyBoy comic but bear with me cuz... for right now it's this or nothing. I don't have any other comics done currently but I'm busting my ass to try to make sure I'm covered for the next few updates because the next four days I'm commuting to work at the Grand Prix and I also have a session. I'm gonna be working 10hr days every day and that doesn't include travel, set-up and tear-down.
It's gonna be insane. D:

But, that's how we pay the bills.

Anyway, this is another real word-for-word interaction we had in a supermarket. It was pretty funny, actually. When you hang with me Dominatrix jokes abound. Oh yea, and PrettyBoy really does have a ridiculous sweet-tooth.

Okay. I'm tired and grouchy. Bye.

When We Met

Yes. Seriously. Legit conversations PrettyBoy and I had when we first began seeing one another. Ahem, also we didn't hit it off so well the first round... *sigh* Maybe we'll take one anothers narcissism down a notch?

Augh. Yea, sorry for more PrettyBoy comics. I haven't actually drawn anything new while I was sick so I'm giving you guys some old private sketches to entertain you while I get my act together. Heck, it's better than no comics, at all. I may give ya'll a bonus comic tomorrow for the ones I've missed, so long as you don't mind another silly little PrettyBoy sketch.

Blah blah blah, I'm kinda buzzed so I'll keep it short. This weekend I'm having a session with Mark as well as working the Grand Prix in Long Beach. It's gonna be a BUSY weekend! :D
Also, there's a meeting about the renewal of the dungeon today! I hope to have news to share with you all soon. :)

Poor PrettyBoy Is Poor

Sorry for the absence you guys. I been sick. D:
I worked HempCon unexpectedly last weekend and then fell ill immediately after so I didn't much feel like doing comics (or anything besides sleeping and whining alot.)

Thankfully PrettyBoy heckled, threatened and babied me enough to get me going again and I'm trying to play catch-up now.

We're house/catsitting this month and our two surrogate siamese children are evil little hellions who we've nick-named Boss-Chink (ala Deadwood) and The Screecher.
Okay, to be fair Boss-Chink is pretty fuckin' cool but as you may have gleaned via her name The Screecher is not our favorite...

So much for my plans to... ya know... sleep once in awhile.

Okay! Updates more soon. Oh yea, and this one is a word for word interaction I had with PrettyBoy. -_-

An End and a Beginning (APRIL FOOLS)


I kid, I kid.
Also, I can't exactly say "gotcha" cuz you guys called me on it pretty quick. :)
To be honest, though, I'm glad. I had a bit of concern that it'd be taken too seriously.

But worry not! It's all a hoax. No wedding, no quitting kink and CERTAINLY not leaving you all without chuckles at Nic's expense. :)

I hope my little joke wasn't too cruel... but then, aren't you all masochists? ;P

I had to hold out to tell you guys. :)

SO, PrettyBoy asked me! Oh geez!
We don't have a date or anything yet but we're DOING IT.

And now, the bad news...

The condition was that I stop the BDSM lifestyle.
But, this is a guy I REALLY care about and to me it's more important at this point in my life to settle in with someone who's really gonna care for me forever. :)

Anyway. I HATE to say it but the comic has had a really good run and I thank you all for your viewership in the almost two years I've been doing this. There's been so much that's touched and enlightened me and I've learned alot about myself and others by being involved in this crazy scene... but it's finally time for me to settle down a little and act like a real adult. :)

So long guys!
I love you, I'll miss you, and I can't thank you all enough. Say goodbye to Nic and the Buxom Babes, they've enjoyed you as much as you've enjoyed them!

I'm gonna leave the archives up for all to enjoy. I may stop in from time to time and update you all on how PrettyBoy and I are doing. :) I love you guys!

Spank someone for me. :)
Farewell and keep kinky! <3