omahgaw I'm so sick.
The pain!!!

Upside is there was more time in my life for doodles.
Downside, I haven't the strength for more.


BTW I completely don't mean this comic to turn into nothing but pity pleas. Seriously. I know it may feel that way but it's not my intention. I must get my ass in gear...

But first, to get well. ;_; *collapse*


The case against Dave Edward Albert, my once coworker and now the murderer of my once boss and friend John Lavine and the destroyer of the dungeon I once called home has finally received a ruling on his case. After a surprisingly brief trial he has been convicted of murder in the 1st degree, arson and cruelty to an animal (for the murder of John's wolf Koda.) He is scheduled to receive sentencing in September and will be facing 52 years to life.

I miss John. He wasn't loved by everyone but he was loved by me and he shared some of the happiest years of my life. I'm pleased with the ruling. It doesn't make up for what was done but justice brings a certain peace to those of us affected by the horrible things Dave did. I'll forever remember the good times with John and all of the Passive Arts girls. We've all moved on but the closure is something...