Everybody Draw Muhammed Day!

This is just a quick extra I did up for Everybody Draw Muhammed Day.
EDMD was originally created as an activity in free speech, after SouthPark was forced to censor their episode featuring a cartoon of Muhammed but it has since morphed into a protest of Islamic terrorist organizations that threaten death to any cartoonist who portrays Muhammed. You can read more about EDMD here.

The original creators of the day backed out once it began to get big but me and people like me still believe in what the day stands for and the message it sends and so perhaps many others will go through with it, like I have.
If there's one thing I believe in, it's our freedom of speech and expression and I'm willing to put my life on the line for it.

Plus. If they can't take a joke, fuck 'em! I was initially going to draw Muhammed getting a spanking because he's been a very, very bad prophet. Heh heh heh.


Kulgur said...

I'm glad you chose to do something simple. The whole point about Draw Mohammed Day is to draw Mohammed WITHOUT something offensive happening to him (like the bomb in the turban) to show how silly the outrage truly is.

I find it interesting how many Muslims doesn't seem to realize that the fact that THEY'RE not supposed to draw Mohammed doesn't mean OTHER people can't draw him. It would be like a Hindu shooting people exiting a McDonalds.

Lord Crios said...

Ok, I hope that Google will help me to explain well what I mean:
Muhammad represent the Islamic religion is a taboo, though often the old engravings represented with his face veiled. I know a movie about the life of Muhammad resumed subjective. In practice you could see everything through the eyes of the protagonist, that Muhammad himself.
Muslims should understand, however, that as many of their taboos is obsolete, and that greatly helps their beautiful religion be less observant and strict. Certainly not good denigrate the prophet of a whole religion, putting the bomb in his turban or draw a dog's body (as did some cartooning), it would not be right to do the same with Jesus or Buddha. I believe that the right is always in the middle, and that any form of censorship must be fought, even with the irony.

Lord Crios said...

Oh, the answer to Nic question is : Yes. :D

Bill_Wa said...

Very well done Ms Mic. I find it funny that Islamofacists threaten death if somebody draws a picture that is Mohammed, and we are supposed to be sensitive to their feelings, but nobody says diddly if somebody draws a picture of Christ. I never liked South Park, but I will support them all the way.

Jabbausaf said...

I must be the only one going "awesome! armpit hair!"

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH armpit hair! hhaha Jabbausaf you rock! *grins*

Anonymous said...

As a muslim, yes I can still read this blog, lighten up, I have to say that I think that so many things like this come from ignorance, and the only depictions that I really object to are those that are offensive. But let me explain why depictions of the prophet are not allowed; the Prophet is supposed to be the perfect man, an ideal that everyone should aspire to. Islam finds at its core a sense of equality amoung all people before god "For the white to lord it over the black, the Arab over the non-Arab, the rich over the poor, the strong over the weak or men over women is out of place and wrong." -Hadith of Ibn Majah. Therefore a depiction of the perfect man, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would imply that this race or that race is better. It is similar to how white supremacists state that Jesus was white. Personally I feel that depictions of the Prophet are wrong and offensive and depictions of him as a means of proving a point, or in an attempt to piss people off are ill advised and offensive because of their motivation. Concerning the episode of south park in question, I actually thought it was pretty funny, if a little ill advised. All in all my personal feelings are mixed but I can tell you this, those who threaten others with violence because of their beliefs or because of a stupid drawing are not true muslims and should be ashamed of themselves. Walaiqum Asalam

Anonymous said...

Hey look! It's Muhammed!! And she brought her mountains!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't give two shits why you think censorship is okay. When your speech is controlled, your mind is controlled. And we've established that slavery is bad, yes? So let's cut that head off before it's a problem.

Freedom of speech is tantamount above almost everything else. Almost. (When your freedom of speech would infringe on the safety of others, IE saying "Fire" in a theater, "Bomb" on a plane, etc.) I am sick to death of any singular argument defending the reasoning behind censorship. Because at the end of the day, you do not have the right to be offended.

Turn the TV off, change the radio station, whatever. Do NOT sit there and continue to subject yourself to something you don't want to be a part of, AND THEN COMPLAIN THAT NO ONE'S CENSORING IT. So... SO fucking tired of that bullshit.

—South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

Second, Nic, you rock, as always. I knew of the Mohammed/South Park issue, but I somehow didn't learn about EDMD until today. Thank you, informative madam.


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