Devil and Angel Moran

Okay, I admit this is basically filler.
We have Sharky's cousin in town from Israel this week so we've been really busy running around and showing her LA and I didn't have time to sit down and knock out a comic. But I DID draw her, as devil and angel. :) And you guys know how I love devil-girls! ;D
So, here you have it! Enjoy until Monday, when I have a new and real update for you guys. :)

I'm off to see Scott Pilgrim again!


Josh said...

Filler, though it may be, stunning, it definitely is. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

I want a copy for my wall. love the flaming pubic hair.

Anonymous said...

I Like it. She must be tickled pink. :) Does she know how kinky you are?

Octavia said...
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Octavia said...

(my previous post just turned out as weird symbols, so reposting it!)

I'm glad to see you're up an running again :) I was happy to click my way back here again and see lots of new posts! <3 I found your page by a 'mistake' and I've been a faithful follower ever since! You put a smile on my face (A mischevious one, but still!) and for that, I thank you *bow*

Lots of cheers and luff from the very far off land of Sweden! :O
- Octavia -

Nic said...

Anon, yep, she knows what I do! I showed her the violet wand last night. :) Like everyone, she was terrified at first and then thrilled! We took lots of photos.

Octavia, thank you! I'm so happy to be back. :)

Vera Wylde said...

I really love the little touches like the fiery bush on the debil gal. Enjoy Scott Pilgrim for another time. "You punched me in the BOOB!"

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