Lunatic Odyssey

Guess what.
Lunatic Odyssey is FINALLY done. It's been nearly a year and a half but it's done!
You can watch them all in order on this playlist:

OR, if you're short on time, skip straight to the ending and see what PrettyBoy made that got me all teary-eyed.

Oh yea, and, uh.... prepare yourselves for SEASON TWO!


PrettyBoy said...

Dude no comments? Where's the love :(

Kate said...

LOVE! I've been very busy, but I intend to sit down and watch the magic from the beginning soon!

Jack said...

New reader! (well, I started reading back in February, but just now got caught up reading ALL the old comics FINALLY.)

Just want to say that YOU'RE AMAZING and I will watch this soon as I get the chance, and don't stop!! I feel like a small void in my life has been filled by your existence and your comics. Much love!

DioxideDolly said...

I adore your comic, and I think you're amazing for what you do.

Oh, and prettyboy definitely deserves that nickname. ;)

Anonymous said...

*It's almost 2015 and I've spent the past two day and a half reading through your comics. You two are adorable, and I love Love LOVE the comics themselves. :)

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