omahgaw I'm so sick.
The pain!!!

Upside is there was more time in my life for doodles.
Downside, I haven't the strength for more.


BTW I completely don't mean this comic to turn into nothing but pity pleas. Seriously. I know it may feel that way but it's not my intention. I must get my ass in gear...

But first, to get well. ;_; *collapse*



Rosemarie said...

Take your time! Just make sure you get well first, digital life < real life.

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll be better soon ! Have a good rest, we need you to stay alive, because we want you to keep drawing sexy ladies for a lonnnnng time !!! (Who doesn't LOVE sexy ladies ?) ^.^

ses said...

can you do a feature fetish of scat? please oh please! i love girls pooping

Anonymous said...

I can't choose between green and magenta! @_@

model S said...

@nic: you get better or i won't give you a spanking. ((funny how that's a better threat than threatening to spank.))

@ anon(7/21/12-758pm): i think i like the yellow best. or the dying white one, she's really cute too.

Jack said...

Get better soon!

megan said...

I hear hot lemon tea with honey is good for whatever ails ya. Personally, I prefer green with a metric butt-ton of honey, but that's just me. Oooor a hot toddy. Those are just yummy.
Get well soon!!

dylan said...

ugh ses, i mean just ugh.

MVS said...

You know we'll wait as long as we have to for an update.

And to jump on the tea bandwagon, honeybush tea always helps me when I'm sick. Plus you can't mess that up because the longer it steeps, the better it is!

Lord Crios said...

Get better hun and don't worry.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding stalker-ish, I was linked to your comic three and half hours ago and power-read your archives. I love web comics, and yours is so great! Also, I'm just a bit of an artist and I'm starting out with BDSM myself. I admire you so much for your accomplishments!

Feel better!

Nic said...

Ses, I had to think long and hard about your request for a Scat Featured Fetish... I work really hard to be sure that everyone's fetish can receive equal face-time and validation. Even if I'm not into it, I understand that it's totally fair for it to be someone else's thing. I like to quote, "Don't yuck on someone's yum."

But the more I thought about scat, the more I thought that there was no way I could depict it without having to draw a very graphic image. While I'm not opposed to that privately or in other venues, NicBuxom is something I strive, always, to keep accessible to a wide audience. It is, first and foremost, a comedic comic. I am very careful not to let it devolve into porn or erotica. There's nothing wrong with porn and erotica (in fact I'm a fan) but NicBuxom is not the place for it. This comic is to educate and entertain. Sure, it's titillating, and at times I toy with small bits of nudity but I never wanted genitals to be a focus here.

And, with scat, I couldn't see a way to do this without, well, a big gaping butthole. I even managed to do golden showers as a FF without feeling I'd compromised my desires for NicBuxom. But I couldn't see a way around it with scat.

A reader wrote to me on another website and we discussed the matter briefly and I'm happy to say that HE devised a way for me to honor this fetish request and still keep things PG13. :P
I won't reveal the entire set-up here but I just wanted to address it, yes, there will be a scat featured fetish someday in the future. It's being added to the long list of other requests.

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