It's The Least Sexy Time Of The Year!

 Sorry for the absence folks! We finally moved! And we did it over the holidays!
I was busy, to say the least!

But, I'm back for the new year. :) We're settling into our new place and we're very happy with it! It IS with a roomy... but we like him alot! Hopefully it stays that way. We have a big bedroom and a pool on site and it's only a few blocks from our old place so it's working out!

I've been booked up with commissions from the holiday sale and they've been loads of fun! I still need to complete them because there was such a rush. Since I didn't have a chance to give you all a heads up about the sales end I'm going to end it officially on Friday the 18th at midnight. So get your orders in now if you've been waiting or saving up!

On this comic, yes, it's incredibly cold in the dungeon this time of year and we're still expected to all wear lingerie. We're lucky we can curl up with a blanket or hide in sweatpants but ONLY if no clients are around to see it so more often then not we're huddled together, suffering. :P

Well, I just got home from Phoenix Arizona so I'm abit tired. Going to hit the sack. I have new comics in the works for you!


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion: (fake) fur coats. It's the one warm garment that also qualifies as "dressing sexy".

Bramble said...

Good to see your back and the holidays went well.
I'm a "new" reader aka I speed read through the comics when I first discovered them back during the summer and have been lurking and reading since.

I've missed you and the ladies! Can't wait to see what fun you all have been up to.

*gives you all fluffy warm coats to wear when clients aren't around*



Rebecca Fordham said...

You poor dear, doesn't the dungeon have a heater?

Nic said...

It does but it's a REALLY big place. It's actually like a warehouse and has all cement flooring throughout (except in the small private rooms) and big rollup doors so it's very hard to keep it heated. :/

Lord Crios said...

Need an hand for keep you warm?

Anonymous said...

Whoa, is there a new girl in that pile of cold ladies?

Nic said...

Nope, maybe they just look different in hats, hoodies and sweaters. :P

Anonymous said...

You should get a couple of heater fans for the dungeon. They blow warm air all oround instead of super heating just one corner of the room, and you can use them as normal fans in the summer.

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