Back to the fantasy story arc.

Afew things have me disappointed with this. For one, I had REALLY hoped to finish this storyline in the month of May. Obviously that isn't happening so hopefully you can all stick with me abit while I get this out of my system.
Secondly, jesus christ this is taking FOREVER. I didn't even do the shading on this one because it took me ALL day just to get the flats down. Blargh. I hope it still looks okay. I had some fun with the colors.

And lastly, I've even rushed through the pencils and inks on the next few pages so they're sorta subpar. :( I just can't keep up with the comics and commissions and still do everything in a timely manner.

Anyway. Otherwise, enjoy the storyline. I really, really wish I had loads more time to work on this. I wanted to pour time and attention into it but I never have any time and attention to give so I don't know what I was thinking. XD

I had an excellent birthday. I've scheduled a photoshoot this Friday for those of you who sent me birthday gifts. :) I should have the photos edited and out to you in about a week. Going out of town this weekend for family affairs so I may be off the charts during that time.

Next page coming soon!


HeatherR said...

I *think* I'm understanding by now that this thing is a zombie? *knows nothing about zombies* ..... Which means we have a PURPLE zombie. Why does that amuse me SO much?

Nic said...

Yea, it's zombies. :)
I don't know if I suck at zombies or what but nobody seems to glean that that's what I'm going for. XD It could be because I'm normally very reality based and truthy with my comics but I dunno. I maybe just fail at zombies.

That's part of why I went with purple. When people were thrown off by the first few pages (guessing that the guy was drunk etc) I figured I needed to bump it further into fantasy town with some wild colors. :P

Pili pili said...

Hi !

I just read all the comics from the start (took me a few days)...
First : I love it, I love who you are, how you live, how you manage, how you draw, everything. Hi five for that !

Second : The lunatic Odyssey was awesome, such an adventure, and you are so cute ^^.

Third : I couldn't help but worry about how often you get sick. And don't know exactly why you fall sick or what kind of disease or virus you catch, but if I may I'd like to offer some advice. I don't know what you eat, but try to vary and get organic as much as you can (within your means of course). I love food too ;)
Also, there's this lack of minerals in the food we eat, in the occidental world, because of intense agriculture, and this lack of minerals is causing us to have a weaker immune system. Anyways, there's this great mineral salt called Magnesium chloride (or Nigari) that costs almost nothing, quite easy to prepare (20gr or 2 tablespoons to dilute in 1 liter of water. It boosts the immune system, making you more resistant to viruses, also it's a very good for cicatrization and wound healing as it helps the cells repair themselfs faster and in a stronger way. It's good for keeping a good morale, sleeping well, digesting well, preventing cancer, fighting acne... you can find lots of good uses for it on the net I'm sure. Plus it's really cheap, it's the ideal medication when your pocket is empty (mine is often empty). I hope it can help you to be less sick... being sick is so tiring for the body.

Oh I forgot to mention that Nigari tastes quite bad, really bitter, (Nigari means bitter in japanese), but if you just swallow it up real quick like a shooter, it's not that bad, also you can have a candy right after, the taste disappears fast. 1 glass a day when the times are risky, as prevention (viruses floating around), 2/3 glasses a day when you're sick (it usually cures you in 2-3 days).
Sorry for the long text, I don't really manage to summarize when I'm writing in English.

Hugs for Toulouse, France (EU) and keep up the good work, you are awesome ! ^^
Sorry for any mistakes, as English is not my mother tongue :p

Nic said...

Thank you for your concern, advice and praise, Pili!

I did get sick really often for awhile which was upsetting and worrying me. I think it had alot to do with how often I travel and how many people I have to physically touch at both of my jobs. Even when washing my hands alot I'm still exposed to LOADS of skin, sweat and breath. :/

But, my knee injury aside, I haven't been sick in awhile. Maybe it was stress from living in an unhappy household but now we're in a great place with a great roomy where we feel very comfortable. :D Anyway, I don't know why I had a period of too much sickness but it seems to have passed. I'll keep what you said in mind in case I start to go downhill again for some reason!

<3 Nic

Pili pili said...

Hey you're welcome... \o/
Yeah you can catch all sorts of things when you're in contact with people and when under stress.
Anyhow, magnesium chloride can be taken for 2-3 weeks about two times a year (like autumn and spring) just for prevention. In that case, it will just boost you up : better morale, better skin, better digestion, better hair, more energy etc. so don't hesitate : it's just a small glass a day !

I love your sexy drawings, with the curves, cute eyes, great smiles... I have this (weird) theory about how artists draw caracters in a style that ressembles what they look like physically... and you draw just like you look ! it's great ! :D !

Nic said...

In a cruel twist of fate I have fallen ill immediately after this conversation. -_-

Pili pili said...

Oh wow ! Fate is a bitch. :(

Well at least you know what to do !!! Really sorry though !

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