Featured Fetish: Waxplay

Here's an on time Featured Fetish for you all but there's a missed one I'll be handing you all on Monday, too. :) Gotta have some bright, colorful news after all that sad shit sooo.....

Okay... before I even touch the subject of the FF, I gotta tell you all BIG news.
See the new page link on the sidebar over there to your left? Fuck yea, I gots merch! Fly the Buxom flag with new tshirts, stickers and prints!

And I'm just bubbling over with new ideas for stuff, so the more of what I currently have that you guys get, the more I can produce!
Not to mention, and I hate to take a serious note, but of all the times in my life NOW is one where I need a little help with money. And with getting this whole NicBuxom project off the ground. New directions are great, but I don't have PAS to back me up anymore. :/
So, if you've been putting off tapping that little donation link banner down there for awhile now you can help me out and get coooool shit in the process! I hate to beg, so instead I'll trade. :D

Okay, Featured Fetish!

I loved waxplay long before I knew what that was. As a kid I was allowed to burn candles in my room and I always loved sticking my fingers in the hot wax, dripping wax on my palms and body, watching the splatter, scrapping off the dried drippings, rolling hot wax into balls and sculptures...
I don't know what it is about the hot liquid but it's very soothing. I always thought it felt alot like a hot stone massage. I've never had one but that's what I relate it to in my mind. :)

Waxplay can also be stingy and painful. The heat of the liquid that hits your skin can be determinded by how closely you hold the candle over the flesh. The further away, the cooler it is, having more time to fall. The closer, the hotter.

Different candles burn at different rates and temps as well. There are plenty of custom made candles meant purely for waxplay and those tend to burn at low temps. They can be made out of all different mediums and in all different colors. Lots of people have preferences or boast which types are best. My only warning is that SOME candles not intended for this play can have scents, dyes and other things that can irritate skin, so PLEASE be careful about what you pick to play with.

Also, don't drop the candle on your victim. I've seen it happen alot and no one likes it. :P

I guess that's about it. It's pretty straight-forward as a fetish, I think.

Plus, it's really pretty!

I've been busy with TheShocker the last three days and I'm very tired now. I've been doin' well as far as seeing my clients privately but I really want to find a playspace of my own. Maybe someday soon I'll be able to afford some nice little dungeon for myself. :)
So, uh... buy my shirts and shit. ;P

And don't forget to give Sharky a HUGE, HUGE thank you for all of his work and time and for making this all possible for me. :) He's been the biggest driving force behind this comic, always kicking me in the ass to keep me working, the real life master behind this art-slave. :P

But, other huge helps to me have been the fantastic GWS , Collar6 and Reddit.

Everyone else, all of you, who've linked me and pimped me out, a huge, huge thank you! I'm flattered that you all think I'm worth sharing. I'll keep it up for you!


Vera Wylde said...

As much as I love messing around with hot wax I've actually yet to employ it sensually... which in hindsight is odd. Oh and I'm in the process of deciding which t-shirt to get (I'll get some pictures taken wearing it once I make up my mind.) A great start for the store and I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Nic said...

Ooooo I look forward to seeing you in one, Vera!

Anonymous said...

I love your pics.

Anonymous said...

Your drawing has gotten much better than when you first started. The consistent practice from the comic will not only improve your artwork but help you stay more focused on a project.

I am glad to see you back.

Lindsey said...

I've been observing more waxplay and I've always been curious, so thanks for the educational aspect of it. :) Now that my tolerance for pain has greatly increased (in comparison, naturally), hot wax might not be so bad. In knowing how it cools so quickly upon hitting the skin, it'll be a nice sensation elsewhere than on the accidental arms or hands. Besides, it is rather pretty. I like pretty things! :P <3

Evals Pup said...

Stay the heck away from beeswax! that's about all I have to say >.< I am sure you know this as well, how it doesn't melt until it's a seriously burning liquid. I have never done (or in my case have done to me) waxplay, because I'm not a heat/fire person. Though I can respect it.

Hey it's funny you should mention this down below, it was because of collar6 that I found your site. :)

YinYangClaire said...

Hey, I'm a new reader, and now that I'm caught up I figured I'd say hi.
I think your art style is really cute, and I love the subject matter of course. Very accessible. I hope to see more debilgirls at some point.

I mostly wanted to let you know that you've gained a fan.

Nic said...

Thanks yinyang, there will be more Debilgals, for sure!

tom said...

This is something i have wanted to try really.

Liz said...

So glad to see you back Nic! Imagine my suprise to come back to the site after some downtime and seeing not one but 3 or 4 new updates! So very glad to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Evals pup, I'm really not trying to be mean, really. However, collar 6 is a horrible comic which, while being poorly drawn also has very poor story progression. The author has drawn 150 comics over 2 years while still continuing the story arc started at about comic 10.

I understand this may be good if you are trying to write more of an in depth story than just a "comic". However, all the characters are extrememly flat with unrealistic personalities and the whole comic, I think, takes a confusing and wrongful representation of the BDSM community.

It annoys me that comics like this and others I enjoy are so low ranked while collar 6 is so high up. The art here is much better than collar 6 though it isn't coloured or always have backgrounds.

Sorry again, I wasn't trying to be mean. I just hate to see this comic compared with that one.

Wolfe said...

Thanks for the link Nic! I didn't even realize you read my comic, but it certainly boosts my self-esteem to know you do :) (Oh, I'm the Collar6 guy btw)

Honestly what you bring to the BDSM community is much more dynamic than whatever the hell it is I'm doing. While you've been tackling the psychology and lives of people who choose BDSM as a lifestyle, I just went on to make DBZ with whips. I applaud you for you presenting a comic ABOUT BDSM that stays relevant to the lifestyle.

Carry on :)

Nic said...

Yep, Wolfe, I go back and catch up with it every once in awhile. :D I like to take my comics in large doses, instead of one page at a time (such a tease then.) And I've always appreciated that you read mine, since we write about a similar topic!

However, Anon, I almost feel like Collar6 and NicBuxom are incomparable. NB functions on a real world plane while C6 obviously is set in a universe where our laws of science and function don't fully apply. It's a fantasy realm and story with characters that can cultivate powers, perhaps akin to a superhero universe. NB is more slice of life, joke a day and is meant to be educational. C6 is obviously meant more to tell a story and entertain.

Still, it gives readers interested in the subject of BDSM two ways to enjoy it... With some funny factoids about real-world play and then with sexually charged fantasy relationships and stories. :)

Rika said...

Wax is awesome~
I actually looked up some time back what kinds shouldn't use (likey the scents and dyes stuff) so wouldn't need to explain "yeaaah I think the candle did that."

flamewolf said...

This one is really fun, but really difficult for hairy people...

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