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Okay, admittedly, this is a filler update.
I've been drawing alot but not working on the comic quite as much. *cough*
Seriously, though, I've just been wanting to experiment alot and so far it's proving to be REALLY fruitful. Crayons are the shit!

Also, been trying to loosen the tight strings on my purse of emotions lately and allow myself to get alittle emo. It's not so bad.

And speaking of being emo, I am EXTREMELY frustrated and upset and disappointed to find that we're having troubles getting work on the new dungeon going and so it's been pushed back again and there's no set date for the reopening. I feel full of despair at this and my future is again quite uncertain. I'm hanging in there, though.



Anonymous said...

Hang in there girl! Your coloring is almost as amazing as your personality ;)

Kiera-Oona said...

Ive been circling the job circut too. Hang in there and Im sure things will start looking up soon.

With crayons, you could always experiment in working with crayons then watercolors to get sort of that beading on wax effect. Its something you could try out :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just have to say, I'm loving the colorings of your filler art. Good job, I say! :)

Oh, and if you need to give yourself some emotional space, do so, and don't look back. My only advice is to keep in touch with friends who will help to keep you from sinking in too deep or too long.

And I second the *hugs*, too.

Bill_Wa said...

Go emo all you want, I think you deserve it. Add my hugs to the rest, and if it's OK, a soft kiss on the top of your head. Coloring is great, I like pencils, easier to shade with, little tissuepaper and a light smear and you're golden. Hang in there Nic, You got support all around the globe. Heck, thanks to modenr technology, probably near earth orbit as well. :{)

Nathaniel said...
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Vera Wylde said...

To quote my grandfather "Keep smiling." It's actually amazing how much that can help. And remember just because you don't know how things can be worked out doesn't mean they won't be.

So exciting to see you playing with crayons! It's a little kid with a dirty mind.

Lacey Lou meow meow said...

No new dungeon? :< keep me posted love this drawing

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