I dunno. Maybe the end there got a little abstract.
Hopefully you guys get that's it's essentially me being driven slowly mad by their constant chatter and disrespect. (And me wielding a cattleprod threateningly.)

They keep us up at night by yelling everything they say and blatantly ignoring our requests for them to quiet down. They use our dishes and never clean them. Never take out the trash. Have 9 extra people living in a two bedroom we expected to share with just TWO other people. Nobody pays the rent to the management, despite us paying them 2/3rds of the rent here. They've given out keys to multiple friends of theirs so that there are constantly strangers coming and going from our home. Constantly people sleeping in the living room. They smoke everything they can get their hands on inside with all of the windows and doors closed...
The list goes on and on. PrettyBoy even got in a short screaming fight with one of them tonight.

The good news, though?
Tonight is my last night. Tomorrow morning I drive out to Vegas to work AdultCon and I'm free of this horrid place forever. I've been trying not to bitch here too much about the living situation but it's gotten so absurd and I'm just so grateful to be leaving.

I've been trying to draw a comic for days but I've been so goddamned uncomfortable with our living situation that I just couldn't get anything done. That's partially why this is so sketchy. It's also partially because all of our belongings are packed up for the move and I couldn't find alot of my art supplies readily. -_-

Anyway, yes, PrettyBoy and I have been freakishly busy. I haven't much more to say on the matter, gotta do some last minute moving.


Piratestan said...

Roommates stop being fun pretty much as soon as you get out of college and/or you enter into s LT relationship. Really, you just want the damned place to yourselves!

Anonymous said...

I have just found your comics, and have read all of them back to back starting from the first. Living in our mid 20's (Me 25, GF=26) is difficult right now with our economy, I tend to think a lot harder than our parents ever had to. I really hope that soon enough, you will have a greater disposable income. I think that you are not only smart enough, but I also think you have the passion to make a good living for yourself if you continue to try. Let us know how AdultCon goes, please don't use it as another distraction to not post comics, I think your readers (Myself included) care about your well-being. Although I am not telling you to give up all of your free vacation/play time either.

Just keep doing what you are, you will finally find good people to live with, hell in time you will most likely do well enough for yourself that you won't have to even consider a roommate situation.

Thank you for all of your inspiring comics and stories, they make me and my top want to get out of Chicago ASAP and out to CA, a place where being your true inner self is accepted.


P.S. I have mild heart problems too, so I can relate to the blood thinners -__-

Too Old To Be Cool said...

Nic -

Whatever you do, don't kill anyone.

We're here. We'll wait. And most importantly - we'll LISTEN to you vent.

Neko said...

They took my submission about the migraine-inducing music-blasting homophobic neighbors I had in college, and I'd LOVE to read the rest of the story. I'd love to read all of that "dialogue" in the third panel, too. Make sure they're not hiding any of your stuff when you leave... they sound like the types to do that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my freshman year of college. Nothing like having to scrub piss off the bathroom walls from your roommate's various fuck buddies who are ALWAYS drunk. :/ But at least you're out of there! :D

Nic said...

Loki, sorry to hone in on the one thing that peeved me off about your comment (I've had a rough morning) but I want to stress to you that AdultCon is NOT "vacation/playtime" for me. Sure, I try to make it sound fun and exciting because I TRY to stay upbeat about everything but I'm not going as a customer, I am going there to work. It's not to promote myself, either. I sell tens units. It's hard, long hours on my feet dealing with alot of tiresome and disrespectful people and trying to sell, sell, sell. It is work. And as such it comes before comics.

I don't mean to sound too stern there, I just want you guys to understand I'm not shirking you to run around and waste time playing. I'm working my ass off just to survive lately, like most of us...

That said, thanks to you all for being supportive. I didn't get to sleep last night (last night in that blasted apartment) and had a horrible morning. No time for details but I should already be on my way to Vegas and I'm NOT. >_<

Also, please, TELL me your horrible roomy stories! They'll make me feel better. :)

Ashtan Albright said...

The first two I had went through all my stuff the FIRST DAY of college, poured chocolate milk in my garbage can without a trashbag, and moved my stuff around to suit them better. All while I was out at dinner with my boyfriend. I took all my valuables and stayed in my boyfriend's dorm room for two weeks until I could get a room change.

Ended up in the same dorm as my bf, 3 floors down. My first room was a single room with 3 beds and a bathroom attached. The new room was great. I had my own bedroom and shared a little common area and bathroom with my roomie. Had a wonderful roommate for a while until she decided to move back home to save money (she only lived 20 mins from the college).

Enter roommate number 3! Air headed freshman who only came to party. Rotating cast of fuck buddies, coming into the room at 3 am SCREAMING my name to see if I was still awake, and bitching about having the heat on in -10 degree weather. And let's not forget the melodious sounds of her vomiting all night. Ended up staying with my boyfriend all that year. Thank the FSM that he had a nice, understanding roommate.

My second year of college, I was blessed with the most wonderful roommate in the world. Was laid back, didn't make it a point to party every night, and was easy to talk to. I was in the exact same room as before, in the same bedroom. The bf had proposed and life was grand. I was happy.

My fiance got put into one of the 4 person apartments on the other half of the building. Great! It has a kitchen and I LOVE to cook! We divided up our time between our two rooms. We never slept apart. I got along with 2 of his 3 roommates. But not J. J was in ROTC, ridiculously religious, and felt that a woman's place is in the kitchen. I made the mistake of offering him supper once and he started helping himself to our food. He'd walk in and demand dinner. I was annoyed, but it wasn't my room so I couldn't say much. I did earn my keep since I was in the apartment so often. I cleaned the kitchen, living room, hallway, and the communal bathroom sink every weekend. If I had left over desserts, I'd happily leave them out for everyone. J would come home from ROTC covered in mud and track it everywhere. He made it a point to try and tell my fiance and I that we were living in sin. He insisted everyone shut everything off at 10 pm every night because he had to get up early, but would blast his video games at all hours when he wasn't busy.

Ashtan Albright said...

And part two:

Things steadily got worse. What finally set me off was when my fiance and I came back to the room to find that J had invited his Christian small group over and made them all breakfast, using a lot of our groceries. And to top it off, my fiance had accidentally left his laptop sleeve out and J's friends were using it as a frisbee. I told J that we needed to talk, NOW. I tried being polite, but he got in my face and started screaming that I had no right to say anything because it wasn't my room and that I shouldn't even be there in the first place. On and on about how horrible I am. I lost it, told him to shut the fuck up and if he touched our food again I'd contact the RA and the dorm manager. My fiance and I decided right then and there to move out of the dorms as soon as the semester was over and get an apartment of our own. BEST DECISION EVER!

We moved into a spacious apartment, brought my cat from home, adopted another, and just generally enjoyed being on our own. We could have friends over without having to worry about upsetting anyone and I could cook whatever I wanted without complaint! I didn't have to clean a bathroom used mostly by guys and could shower however long I damn pleased.

Unfortunately, my fiance and I lost our jobs mid-wedding planning and had to move in with the weirdest roommates I've ever had: my family. :)

He's got a job now and we're saving up to buy a house. I NEVER want roommates again, unless they are the four-legged, furred variety.

Good luck, Nic! Hope things get better! :D

DaeDollie said...

Much luck to everything working out with you. Holy FUCK how I wish I could get out of this house. So I know how you feel, minus the job thing...because I've never had one. Not for lack of trying, just no one has ever hired me.

Anyway, we'll all still be here, and while an update like this one is nice, I'd be happy with videos like before, or even just words. Like someone else mentioned, I'd be happy with you venting to us. No matter how small, an update is nice for us to know that you're still OK. But you don't have to give up comics or anything like that if you don't feel like it. We're here for YOU. Asking for an update is just to know how your life is going, and that's you still have a pulse (but if you don't, and you're still updating, hopefully you're a vampire and not a zombie, and I can ask you to come bite me. :p ).

...and I totally got distracted from where I was going with if the above doesn't make sense- oops. >>;;

Anyway- Letting us know you're ok = good. No updates, even the tiniest ones, make us worry. We just want to know you're alive. Shit will work out.
There. XD

Anonymous said...

You've done so well to not kill your bitchy roomates. Take as much time as you need to get things together. I love comics but artists with less stress make awesome work.

Anonymous said...

Heyup, another new fan here, just wanted to say good luck with the move, and sorry to hear about your horrible housemates! No worries though, karma will bite them on the arse- they'll get their comeuppance one day. Maybe their tongues will fall out of their mouths or they'll lose their voice permanently!

Love your comic, very funny and very well drawn!

megan said...

Oh roomies...When I first moved out of my parent's place, I moved in with a guy that I had been friends with for a looooong time. We got a little two bedroom place that was down the street from one of my 3 was pretty cool.
Then he started getting weird. Since I was working so much, I wasn't really home much. I would leave him notes saying things like "hey can you maybe vacuum today," or "hey we need more bread," or whatever. Come to found out, he felt the notes were like me "kicking him in the balls." His words, not mine. I would also take naps during the day (one of my jobs was 4:15pm to 2:45am), but he refused to lower the sound to his video games. Even though he was using *my* tv and sitting on *my* couch.
Then he fell in love. He met this girl and two weeks later, they were engaged. She started spending more time there than I did! I asked him if she could start maybe helping out with the electric or maybe start pitching with with groceries (since I bought most of them) or something...NOPE! He flipped out and moved in with her. So there I was, floating a 2 bedroom apartment all by my self. Luckily I had 3 jobs and could afford it for a while. Then I found out that my main job was going to be laying off a bunch of people. Including me.
That started a long string of events that landed me living with my now-husband and his daughter, our dog, and our little three legged kitten who is currently sitting on my shoulder. They are very interesting room mates...
I ran into my former room mate about a year ago and it turns out that he had moved back in with his mother because he got tired of doing all the work when he was living with his "fiance." They ended up splitting up about a month after he moved in with her.
I ran into *her* a few months ago holding a baby. She took one look at my terrified face and said "OH GOD NO! She's not his, I swear. I got tired of doing all the work around the apartment so we broke up about a month after he moved in."
Who do I believe? Neither. Cuz I don't care :P

Anonymous said...

~Loki Here:

Nic, I am sorry I took so long to respond, I have been a little lazy. I generally don't fire up the trolling machine (my desktop) anymore, and generally just browse the internoobs with my CR48.

ANYWAY... Here is a summary of my past roommates for your LULZ:

1. (2004-2005) I was 17, my dad kicked me out, I lived in FL at the time (St. Petersburg). I was looking for roommates through the school I went to, and actually found some random ones via my calculus class. They were Bulgarian immigrants, and they LOVED to party... HARD. They were good people, and the apartment we shared was KICK ASS. (One block from the school, pool, two floors, 2 bathrooms... you get the picture). Everything was fine, until, somehow we all smoked way too much pot and we all ended up dropping the entire semester. (NOT MY PROUDEST MOMENT IN LIFE.) Things went bad when one of my roommates cousin walked in unexpectedly, WITH A SOLID BRICK OF UNCUT COLOMBIAN COCAINE. Needless to say, I had to GTFO.

2. (2005-2006) I was 18/19... I had this red haired gf, we got our own place together, signed a lease. EVERYTHING WAS WONDERFUL... For about 2-3 months, she stopped taking her meds. I had no idea she was even on meds, as she never told me that she was taking anything nor did she tell me she was schizophrenic. She tried to drown me one day... I broke up with her, and kicked her out. In light of the situation, she kept the house clean.

3. (2006-2008) I was desperate for a new roommate, sadly, none of my good friends was ready to live on their own yet, So I asked a friend of a friend if he wanted to live with me. This turned out to be the creepiest guy I have ever meet. Noted I am into some pretty "Non-Vanilla" stuff... He was a HUGE furry, and infact was a semi-famous furry artist. I remember walking into my apartment with my gf at the time, and he was Masturbating in the living room in a fur suit begging me to fuck him. He had to go.

4. (2008-2009) I actually had the chance to roommate with my best friend in the world. I screwed up a huge part of my early life with him, as all I charged him in rent was what we smoked... We ended up going through a QP a week... One day, I smartened up, and understood I would be doing this for the rest of my life if I didn't stop now.

5. (2009-Present) The abortion happened (w/current wife). I don't wanna get into it, but shit got bad. I am now living with my mom in Chicago, and doing MUCH BETTER than I was. In the past 3 years, I paid of my car, motorcycle and credit cards. I also RARELY smoke pot, maybe twice a year, if it is free. I currently work for a small lawfirm up here practicing Social Security Disability Law, and am working on getting out of my mom's place ASAP. My mom is demanding and VERY stupid, to the point of extreme annoyances and even miscommunications all the time. As for my wife, we have known each other since 2002, and have been together for 7 years (We just celebrated our anniversary on Dec 25th).

Anyway... Thank you for being here. I also apologize to you for criticizing your "away periods and vacations"... I was only doing so as a joke, and in hopes that I would get to see a new comic shortly. I really do enjoy them, and they help me get through my day sometimes.

Hope to see a new comment soon


MoonShadow said...

Hey Nic,
I feel ya on the crazy roomies. Had an issue many years ago with my ex calling in 3 of his friends. Never go any of my food I bought, they were always loud and their other friends were leaving 'stuff' all over my bathroom. -_-' Plus, I was the only one really bringing any money in. So I really understand. I do hope you get to have some fun at AdultCon though. Need to try to relax a bit. Make PrettyBoy give ya a massage or something. ~_^ Tends to help a little bit. Don't rush everything, just stick a pic of yourself up and say, I'm still kicking or something if you're not up for a draw. Just wanna make sure you're doing okay and such. But try not to burn yourself into the ground. Take care beautiful. ^-^

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