I'd Rather Be...

So, um, that's how the cam stuff is going. Haha.

Seriously, though, it's going well but every single time I just wish I could be painting or drawing instead. That's the lazy artist in me. I've been really art-focused lately but I'm so desperate for money (to live) that I feel guilty everytime I just sit down and draw. :(

Times are, indeed, hard. I promise I won't talk about it too much more in the future but transitioning is hard.

Fingers crossed and all that. *fist-shakes at the economy*


MistressMadame said...

I have seen a lot of ProDommes doing cam lately. I tried awhile back but I couldn't deal with the stuff you highlighted in the comic. If there was a way to separate cam sex and cam domination, I think I would feel much more conformable with the idea, but having just one main venue type serving BDSM as a niche makes it really unappealing to me. Good luck to you! I wish the economy was better because I'd rather you be artin' too! Love the comic!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what kinds of things are involved with the cam stuff, but do you think if people knew you had artistic talent, that they might be interested in watching you paint/draw while in your sexy clothing? Then you could do both at the same time, maybe!

Nic said...

It's POSSIBLE... but I doubt it. People come to the sites I'm on because they're looking to get off, typically. But if I could find someone who'd pay to watch me draw it'd be a match made in heaven!

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