Happy Valentines!

heh heh.

It's early, I know, but I couldn't wait. Use it, if you wanna! :)
Happy Valentines!

(PS I have had no less than THREE Valentines gifts/plans fall through this year. My life has been a failure lately baaaah.)


nekoMimi Loli said...

Awe hun, my VDay plans all fell through this year as well, if it makes you feel any better.

Anonymous said...

why isnt there a Nic Buxom book we can spend some money on ? (or a kickstarter to raise money for some of the website stuff you want to do maybe?)

Anonymous said...

You could also take an idea that I've seen used on another webcomic (Artifice, if you're familiar) with great success: put up a "bonus page" in exchange for a certain amount of donation? Not sure if it would work with something that isn't a concrete storyline like they have, but it might help?

Nic said...

Anon, I've also considered this but wasn't sure it would work... I guess it couldn't hurt to try. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post as another anonymous person, but I'm shy and a little embarrassed at first ^ _ ^;; I had a random question I've been meaning to ask ever since you opened up commissions, since I LOVE the chibis you draw! Would you consider doing a chibi page of a non-human (but still humanoid) character? ie. elf, Tauren (from world of warcraft), etc? Just curious, since I have quite a few characters I would love to get artwork of, and I love your style!

Sorry for the strange question XD I figure the answer will probably be yes as long as details are provided, but I always like to make sure.

I've been reading your comic for quite a while now, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for keeping up such an amazing comic, and even for posting little bits while you're super-busy with real life. ^ _ ^ I'm one of those weirdos whose opinion of BDSM has improved greatly thanks to your comic (though to be honest, it's not that I had a bad opinion of it before, I just has almost no opinion because I didn't know much, but now I know more XD) and I'm also one of those super self-conscious women who has slowly become more confident in herself and her body thanks to you! You and I have very similar body types, I just have an extra helping of shy to go with it, but seeing some of the pictures you post make me want to try dressing that way too. ^ _ ^

Gah, I hope I made any sense at all. >_> Thanks for listening to my ramblings! Hehe.

Nic said...

That's okay! You can be shy if you want. :) I get alot of Anon posts.

Yes! I will do commissions of non-human characters, no problem! I have very few limits or things I won't draw (I honestly can't think of anything but I don't want people to test the theory) so I will draw pretty much anything you can think up if you can accurately describe it to me. :)

Also, really happy to hear your feeling better about yourself! You should try dressing up, it's alot of fun!

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