Hey guys, sorry no art, just a text update.

Firstly, lookie at me! Guess what that is in my hands! It's a sketch OF Danielle Corsetto BY Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots! One of my favorite webcomics ever!!! <3
I'm sure most of you are already readers (in which case envy me) but those who are not you NEED to go an look at it. She even has a dominatrix character. :3
One of my lovely (and very busty) coworkers was at Wondercon and knew I was sick at home so she picked this up for me. :) I admit I'm jealous I didn't get to see Danielle in person but someday, someday...

Anyway. On to what's going on with me (I always have guilt about leaving you guys in the dark.)

I worked the Arnold Fitness Expo in Ohio and it was a great show and we did well but I got really badly sick immediately after getting back. And then just when I thought I was getting well I took a cattleprodding session and screamed my head off and filled myself with stress and relapsed and was sick again. Since then I've been working and battling this sickness constantly. It's horrible. I even worked a show out in the rain, which was miserable. -_-
I need the money bad so all of the work is welcome but it's left me really ragged. Hell, even the picture above had to be taken at work because I've had so little free time (and I'm sure you can tell I'm not at my best.)

On top of that PrettyBoy smashed his car into pieces so we're desperately trying to find him a new one in our price-bracket (which is very, very, very little) and I have to chauffeur him around in the meantime. So neither of us are sleeping much and alot of extra time is being sucked out of my day just to get him to work and back. :(

But there is GOOD news keeping us busy, too! We found a place to live! This is the FIRST time since he and I have met that we don't have an end-date on a place. We aren't sure if we're ready to quit our nomadic lifestyle but we may very well stay in this new place a long time. And it's pretty fantastic. It's a house, shared with the older lady who owns it. She has birds and bunnies which are adorable and musical (and potty trained!)
It's a 1920's house in an upscale residential neighborhood. Very quiet while still central to everything we want to be near (freeways, work, restaurants etc.) Plus it has a big backyard and place for a workspace for us both! We just finished sanding and painting our room. Also, my huge ass tore my pants in the process, as you can see here. So, that's where I've been. We're beginning to move into the new home this weekend which will also take up lots of time. AND my best friend is getting married in just 2-3 weeks! I'm the best lady and I'm terribly excited. It's going to be a really busy month or so for me but I am going to try my damndest to still update here while I run around like crazy. I hate not having updates for here but I have to admit that money and shelter come first. :/ Sorry guys. But I do promise to at least do some photo and text updates for you if I can't make time to sketch out a comic.

One last little thing, my good friends Will and Sean have been doing a successful podcast that's fun, witty and crass. I'll be on next week as a special guest!
Check them out and give a listen here and like them on facebook here. I'll mention it again when my specific appearance goes live but it's really worth giving them a listen right now. And when I DO go on I may be telling afew stories you guys are already familiar with but I do have one big one that I've told no one yet. :3

So tune in!


Dirkson said...

You know, if you stare long enough at the second picture, there might actually be a pair of pants in it. Not sure, though.

Other than ignoring work for distracting photos, just here to give a show of support - I'm one of your background fans that quietly refreshes the page whenever you add something ^^ I don't think we're going anywhere soon, no matter if you post a comic a day or a comic a year.


Anonymous said...

A sick Nic is not a happy Nic, and I think we all want a happy Nic. If I were anywhere near LA, I'd bring you soup. As it is, I don't think it would survive shipping from KY!

Nic said...

I know I already say it alot but my readers are the fucking sweetest. You guys are always so patient with me. :) I really appreciate the understanding. <3

DanH said...

An ass that awesome just can't be contained ;p

Too Old To Be Cool said...

Nice tush, kiddo! (Hey, I'm old.)

Yeah, being poor sucks. But I'm glad you're getting a nice place to live!

john_in_scruz said...

I'm not able to find the sketch in the first picture... too busy staring at the sexy body in the red dress. :-}

Anonymous said...

This is DragonDancer5150. The system won't take my log-in, thus the "anon".

Glad to hear from ya! YAYYY on the sketch! And the new place to live! Sorry you've been sick, though, ICK. =/

LOL those undies are fantastic! XD

Bibliotheque said...

I love GWS! Congrats on the house, pity about the bad stuff.

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