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Yus, I'm back. I mean, I didn't really leave but I've been a bit of a busy girl.

So! We're moved in, our place is fuckin' awesome and I will likely describe it in more detail later, hopefully in comic form, but it is an actual HOUSE which is awesome and it's in a nice neighborhood while still being central to everything we want and need in LA. We've got a big front and back yard and we're having our house-warming in a week. :)
There are birds and squirrels and raccoons and things wild in the area but we also live with 3 finches (one of which has no toes, just stubs) and two parakeets and 3 bunnies. The birds are very cute and make sweet music for us but aren't exactly friendly however two of the bunnies roam our hallways and they're adorable and fuzzy. It's a great place so far, lets hope we can cool our heels here abit and avoid too much more travel, too soon.
Actually, on that note, this is the first time SINCE WE'VE MET that PrettyBoy and I have had a permanent home. That means it's been around TWO YEARS since either of us has had stable housing. It's a pretty big change! And gosh, I can tell you, it sure is nice. Phew.

So, having somewhere safe to lay my head at night is gonna help alot with updates. Moving and other responsibilities ate up the last two months for me but I think after May things should cool down. My best friend's wedding was amazing and I'm so grateful to be a part of it and he couldn't be with a nicer gal. Seems there's alot of grown-up stuff going on lately between my friends with weddings and babies everywhere. I guess I'm at that age, but it's not for me... Maybe I'll be a dominatrix forever, who knows.

PrettyBoy has been focusing on acting and we're hoping he can break into it enough to at least make a living. It's not an easy life but it's what he wants and it helps that he's a cutie!

And speaking of film, we've pretty much finished Lunatic Odyssey. I'd post a link but we have to get the last episode up and I'd rather wait till it's complete but maybe I'll share that next update.

This weekend is DomCon, one of the biggest fetish conventions in the US. It's run by Mistress Cyan, the now owner of our dungeon and I'm proud to be more closely associated with it now, though I've been working it for years. I know a few of you will be there so feel free to say hi! I'll be selling tens units instead of hanging at the dungeon booth so keep an eye out for me. :) I may just have some little treats for those of you who find me!

Oh, and I'm turning 27 in just over a week. Sheesh, time flies by. Here's a pic of my newest hair-do and my new work persona hair. ;)


Dirkson said...

PrettyBoy with the skull is absolutely adorable! And the pictures after are captivating in their own way.

The furniture in the background is interesting too - You might consider doing some comics explaining these things and their use, some look pretty esoteric to my (inexperienced) eye.

Congratulations on another year!


Nic said...


I've considered doing a sort of dungeon tour via photos and/or comics but I was worried it would get too boring and clinical and that I wouldn't have room for jokes. Would you all be interested in a little room/furniture explanation?

Anonymous said...

why not do a video tour demonstrating everything on pretty boy and call it pervert odyssey?

MoonShadow said...

Just as beautiful as ever, Ms. Nic. I'm so happy that you finally have a place you feel safe and can try to relax in. And being part of a friend's wedding is awesome. Been a maid of honor myself. Was nervous, but it was still wonderful and I was honored. I, for one, would love an explanation on all the equipment you all use in the dungeon. I'd visit if I ever get back out to California. Got lotsa friends there. Anyway, I'm glad everything's going so well for you and I hope it continues. :)

Nic said...

LMAO, Anon! That's hilarious! Unfortunately I don't think he'd go for it. ;) But just maybe I can ROPE him into it. ;p

And thanks, Moon.
Looks like so far people would like a walk through of our furniture. I'll throw in themed rooms and tools, too, I think. I'll have to think up a way to make it fun and not boring...

PrettyBoy said...

Hah, yeah no. You've got enough coworkers at the dungeon to help with that tour.

Nic you should do a comic about me and...the...bugs...

Anonymous said...

Not sure, being a dom, that this is something you would want to hear about your work persona, and I'm sorry, but you look really cute with long hair. (could be the pose, though...)

Also, puns are fun.

Congrats on the home!

Lord Crios said...

You are really more sexy with long hair, trust me.

Headless said...


My gosh, you look so flipping gorgeous! I am especially in love with your short hair, I have such a weakness for girls with short hair and you amazing with it. <3

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your wigs? I'm looking for something affordable and realistic, if they can exist in the same realm. GameStop doesn't like my purple hair!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late reply. SO GLAD FOR YOU! Congrats on the new house and everything!

Nic said...

Thanks everyone for the nice replies. :3

Anon, about wigs. I had a coworker recommend Aardvarks and she looks great in the wigs she got there but I personally couldn't find a single one I liked. I ended up going over to Hollywood cuz they're a mecca for wigs (including amazing over-the-top drag wigs) and that's where I found the one you see here. It looks pretty natural on me, too, so I'm very happy with it. It was not the cheapest wig ever, though... But it was fair.
I've gotten cheap wigs offline before but doing so is always a gamble.

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