So, I mentioned I'd started wearing a wig to work? It didn't last long. This story arc will show why. :)

I looked very submissive in it and while it was cute it wasn't doing me any favors. I'm a fan of just being myself, even at work, so I'm back to rockin' the natural hair. It's growing out so it's more feminine now, hardly a mohawk anymore with how shaggy it's gotten.

Uhmmm not sure what else to update you guys on. I'm working on paintings and I have some galleries holding spots for me so I'm REALLY excited about that and should I ever have gallery showings I would love for any of you local readers to come on out and see my more professional work and meet me in person. :)

I'm going to be at the XO Expo Erotic Costume Ball in San Franciso in about a month. Anyone else going? I'd love to meet you and show you our TENS units. :)

Aaand TheShocker is here so I have to run! More comics soon! <3


lil! said...

As someone whose done extentions and thought "pfft, these don't look real", those "Wow, your hair grows fast" comments are always great.

Anonymous said...

Geez... I can understand it not being someone's cup of tea, but what kinda moron HATES short hair?

[Disclaimer: poster happens to have something of a 'thing' for short hair, so opinions may be slightly biased.]

Anonymous said...

Hehe... my hair is down to my mid-thigh and hasn't been cut other than trimmed in 10 years. Love my long hair. But I think that mostly has to do with laziness. Short hair is just too much work. :-D

Nic said...

Anonymous with the longest of hair, I find it hilarious that you say short hair is too much work! I feel like long hair is way too much work! XD

Anonymous said...

I had long hair to just under my bust and got it cut a year ago (I do mean cut, its now a pixie bob)and it was the most liberating feeling ever! But I do miss having lovely swishy hair sometimes. lols :)

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