Marking Fee


So, yes, we do charge "marking fees" in our business! Sometimes also called "heavy session fees."

And it's not JUST because a heavy beating is hard to take. More importantly, it's because if your ass (or back or whatever) is torn to bits and you can't work, you're going to miss out on money!!! I can't get my body smashed and tenderized and then walk into another paddling. And even if you're not sore, many clients don't like to play with girls who are "marked" or bruised. For some it's because they're worried about hurting us or think we can't take it as hard but for many it's the idea of seeing another guys work all over your body. Most clients want us pristine and clean and all to themselves, they don't want to think about the last guy who put his hands on us...

So, the marking fee helps cover any missed sessions after you're left with bruising, whether it be because you need a break or day off or because another client may pass you up.

Most men who like to hand out heavy beatings understand this and are very accommodating. Others are very stingy and don't want to pay extra. And frankly, that really pisses me off. You want to come in here and fuck me up so badly that I can't sit right for a few days and you want me to walk out of here with only $50 for it? That's fucked up. Let's have a little consideration here! Not only do I chance losing money and have to endure alot of pain and discomfort but sometimes there's a small cost for aftercare, too. (Arnica, epsom salts and lotions etc.)

Many of my heavy players know to still tip me well on top of my marking fee but still others just pay the bottom dollar required. That's alright but it's nice when a guy knows you put up with ALOT for him. Especially because I personally will play with no safewords if my marking fee is covered. I COULD be requesting breaks and asking the client to back off but if he's willing to pay my extra fee I won't, I'll just let him swing away and endure. A tip atop my fee shows that the client appreciates my hard work, endurance and accommodation on this front.

And I am a VERY heavy player when I'm compensated. Here's a snapshot of what my ass looked like about two months ago when I took a "no safewords" heavy beating from a Mistress and client.

This is just from the first few hours, after a bath to wash off the small amount of blood. The bruising became VERY dark in the days after. It took over a week to heal (and I was healing fast) and I had to sleep on my belly for a night or two. You can see WHY there are extra fees associated with sessions of this caliber. And why I'm pissed when people don't want to pay alittle extra to demolish me or the other girls. >:(

Please, tip your masochists!!! :)


Anonymous said...

It always amazes me the amount of abuse you can and are willing to take for the sake of what you enjoy doing.

Nic said...

I don't consider it abuse. I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it. :) It's actually quite a release for me. I was doing it for free back when I was lifestyle!!! Now that I'm older I'm not as interested in doing it for recreation but to me it's a very small price to pay to get my rent covered! :P

Anonymous said...

How are you able to take it? Does it numb after a while? Or does it just look worse then it really is? I'm thinking my pain level is like, 1 after seeing that. Also I'm glad you're okay! <3

Anonymous said...

How is this kind of beating administered anyway? A paddle?

Nic said...

The photos above are from a wooden paddle and a very thick plastic dowel cane. Both wooden paddles and canes are considered "heavy" tools that are almost always guaranteed to mark.

As for taking the pain, it certainly hurts but for some reason to me the pain isn't terribly bad. I can cry and scream all I want (usually the clients prefer that) and I just have to stand it. It's almost a relieving feeling to be able to carry on all I want and to really just have to stand/lay there and accept some pain. It's rather cathartic. I do think that, after a point, there is some sort of numbness. When you take a heavy beating like this one your ass gets really hard and "leathery." We actually describe it as having leather ass.

I've always had a very high pain tolerance and not been much of a complainer. And, if you can stand the pain, being submissive is rather easy. You really just let it happen and react as you will. Maybe roleplay or play it up abit. When acting as a Domme you have to be much more creative, constantly thinking and improvising, paying attention to how you look and move, where you hit, how your submissive is reacting etc. As a Domme you must conduct and lead the entire scene, constantly paying attention to your partner. As a submissive you can drift off and think about whatever you like so long as you wiggle your bum and cry out abit.

I like doing both, which is why I choose to switch, but there is definitely a freedom to being a submissive and to just sit back and let someone else swing their arm around and do all the work.

Anyway. Sorry if I'm rambly. It's bedtime and I'm sleepy!

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how one gets into this kind of work especially since I started reading your comic months ago.

Shiloh said...

That is impressive. Especially the bruising down on your upper thigh. I am in no way able to take that kind of pain, though my Lady and I are probably gonna work on that, 'cause I'd like to be able to.

That said, caning is definitely a hard limit for me, so I'm just kind of in awe right now.

Moxie LaBouche said...

Bloody hell!

If they don't want to pay extra to do that level of damage, suggest you'll waive the fee if you can do as much back to them.

Nic said...

Anon, I started out lifestyle and then found out a dungeon I had been attending parties at was hiring. The rest is history! :)

Shiloh, the bruising down on the thigh took the longest to go away and pooled really big and black. It was from the cane wrapping and hurt the most.

Moxie, I won't take a marking session without being compensated. I can still take a pretty heavy beating but I make sure to keep them in line so that they don't hit me too hard and bruise me. I have definitely had clients who don't listen to me and at that point I DO stand up, turn around and growl, "Look, if you keep doing that I'm going to hit you back so you can see what it feels like!!!"

Too Old To Be Cool said...

Nic -

It's a lovely tush, but OWWW!

fluttershy89 said...

This shocked me that you would take that much punishment but we all have are limits. Out of curiosity how long did it take for you to build up a tolerance to that heavy amount of pain?

Dirkson said...

Tsk! They ought to have been more careful with the cane wrapping. Pain is all well and good, but even distribution makes for a better experience on both sides!

The amount of bruising is quite impressive, though! Do your bruise easily? I'm trying to imagine how many hits would be required to make those kinds of bruises on me, and I don't think there's a way to do it that wouldn't break my skin repeatedly.

You mention fees a lot in this post, but I'm not sure I have a good idea how much you're charging, or how much extra the fees are on top of that. If the additional fee is only, say, 50% and you lose out on several days' work, that seems like a losing proposition for you!

Also, somehow I've gotten this far without ever having noticed how shapely your behind is! Thanks for sharing that too ^.^


Kaos said...

Ok, wow, just wow! I'm ex-Army and took a bullet skimming across my shoulder and judged that as my worst pain ever, and it STILL pales in comparison to how your ass looked after that session! To paraphrase Star Wars; Your pain tolerance is most impressive!

Anonymous said...

Second Anon here, thank you for answering and you weren't rambling at all. Most informative. Thanks again! I thought getting leather ass was a bad thing?

Nic said...

Flutter, I have always been able to take alot of pain. I mean, even as a child. I've never been a complainer and pain never bothered me much. Maybe it's in my wiring. You do, however, build up a tolerance after working in this field for awhile. :)
To be fair, I take "thuddy" beatings like this one much better than "stingy" marking implements. To explain abit better, I can take a big, heavy, thuddy paddle to my ass all day and night but if you start flicking and cutting on my back with a single-tail whip I'm more likely to use my safeword (at least for a break,) for some reason it's just harder for me to take!

Dirk, I agree with you on the wrapping but at the price this guy pays he can basically swing away how he likes (though in this instance he brought a Mistress in to do the deed, he just watched.) I hate wrapping but for a heavy, well-paid session I am not going to offer interjections on how they should be hitting me, haha.
I do bruise rather easily. I'm very fair-skinned so bruises come up fast. This works in my favor in my industry, especially since I can tell when I'll be bruised and allows me to control the session better.
As for the fees, I try not to mention money too explicitly in the comic. I'm not 100% sure why, it's just one of my unspoken rules to myself. But I don't mind indulging that I was paid $350 for the beating you see above and spent just one hour in session with the clients. (That includes breaks and some chatting, not one solid hour of beating although that's pretty much all it was.) Each heavy session may pay differently because I negotiate my own marking fee. The cost for the time with us girls is always the same, as dictated by the house, and they have a small heavy session fee in place for us girls but I assign my own marking fee on top of it depending on the tools and severity. I have walked out of lesser beatings with more money.
Also, how did you miss my amazing ass?! It is part of my repertoire! ;P

Kaos, thank you. :) But I'll take a paddle over a bullet anyday. O_o

Anon, leather ass could be good or bad in the scene. The downside is you have a less pleasant tactile feel to your bottom. I'd rather rub a baby-soft booty than a piece of cow-hide. However, some girls brag about leather-ass because it's somewhat of a badge for how long and often they've been taking heavy beatings AND it allows them to take it harder in the future, as well.

I'm glad you're all taking such an interest in this comic! :)

Dirkson said...

*laughs* Ok, fair point on not correcting customers in the middle of a job where you're supposed to be submitting to them!

People can be weird about money, so I understand the reluctance. I could easily see taking $350 for a bruised rump for a couple days, though!

It's just occurred to me to wonder about your opinions on other jobs in the sex industry and the people that do them. (Stripping? Even prostitution?) Or, indeed, what these people's ideas about your job are! I suspect there might be a comic or two in that question, if you haven't already covered it.

And as for your butt, I have absolutely no idea! You've even had pictures of it in the past. Chalk it up to men not noticing things, I suppose!


Chevette Girl said...

So that's thuddy bruising rather than stingy welts? Ok, I can see how that's vastly different, from my own experiences, I know I need a break after two or three welt-raising stingies but I'm pretty sure I can take more thuds, especially somewhere with some padding, my biggest problem is all my thuds tend to be accidental and in places without padding because I'm a total klutz and run into everything. I've had bruising that looked like that from three things - falling down stairs and landing on my butt, my horse chucking me off onto my butt, and busting up a bunch of blood vessels along the sides of both my legs when I was first learning to do breakfalls... and it often doesn't hurt as much as it looks like it does, but that was incidental from only a few blows, not intentional over that much time, so holy crap, woman! :) And I think I agree, a baby-soft tush is far nicer to grab.

megan said...


...that's pretty. I...that's really pretty. I've always thought bruising was kinda beautiful, but I've never really seen it to that extent. It's gorgeous! The fact that you got it doing something you enjoy makes it that much better. Hat's off to you, girly.

Nic said...

Dirk, I have had changing opinions on sex industry work over my growing years. :) I feel like it's just far too much to say in such a tiny forum as a comment. Maybe I'll keep it in mind for a comic!!! I will say that I consider many other sex industry work starkly different from mine in many ways but that I still feel a very strong solidarity with the women and men who choose to enter the field. :)

Chevette, to be fair I NEVER enjoy bumping my hips against things or falling on my ass! I guess it's different when I'm prepared for pain... NO NON-CONSENSUAL BUMPS AND BRUISES PLEASE! :P

Megan, thank you! I've always thought bruises were rather pretty, too. :) They can be all colors of the rainbow and rather brilliant at times! Kinda like a messy watercolor splotching.

Anonymous said...

... well... THAT, mistress, is a beautiful ass ! (Not a bruise fan, but the curves... wow !) *.*

Anonymous said...


second. well, that is certainly one thing I wont partake in


Dan said...

You have a lovely butt, but yikes at the bruises. I admit I'm rather new to this whole thing, but to me, if you start bringing out dark bruises - or worse, blood - when you're playing, it's like a red flag that it's gone too far. I realize you have a high pain tolerance and all, and you do this for money, but jeez.

Miss Kara said...

I'm an awful person and I'm sure it hurt a lot, but MY! Those are LOVELY bruises! They really came out evenly spaced and lovely in coloration. Yes, I'm horrible, but I cannot help but admire bruises ><

Leah said...

Envious of your bruising. I don't bruise easily. :(
As for the marking fee, that's a very smart idea and allows you to -snickers- "cover your ass", when not able to play till it heals.

Maren Smith said...

I know they say be careful what you wish for, but...damn...I'm envious. I never bruise, and those are just beautiful! lol, course, the ass isn't that bad either. :D

Anonymous said...

Ughhhh bruises are so pretty C:

I love love love spanking so much! I really do, but unfortunately I have to tell my girlfriend to stop after a bit because it really starts to hurt - I don't know if I just have a sensitive behind, or my girlfriend is hitting me incorrectly, or it's because I don't weigh much and thus, not much fat on my booty, or maybe it has to do with the fact that I completely bent my tailbone out of shape years ago and it's very sensitive. Who knows. :P

Point is, I love your booty and this comic and it makes me so happy whenever you update - OBVIOUSLY I haven't been keeping up because there's at least one more update ahead of this one. :) Yay!

Anonymous said...

ouch....nice butt though

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