Holiday Sale!

Yes! Sale time! Just in time for those holidays. :)

Here you go, cheap, kinky gifts for you or those sexily awkward family and friends! On sale now through January!!!

So, here's my sad country song, my internet's down, my phone is lost, our car is in the shop and now we have to move! Hectic times, as always. And just in time for those damn holidays!!!

I just wanted to let you guys know that any commission, donation or merch purchase is going towards helping us get out of yet another insane living situation and finally into OUR OWN PLACE.

No more psycho roomies (I'll reserve my stories for now.) Hopefully this is the last time PrettyBoy and I will move for awhile... but don't I always say that? Oh well, our relationship started off nomadic, maybe it'll stay that way...

But, we ARE looking to sign a 1 year lease so if this goes through I may be stable for awhile! Help me out with a t-shirt, sticker or commission purchase! The shipping and tax is on me! I much appreciate it! <3

Also, sorry I love lame rhymes and the color pink so much. :P

PS I've heard back from alot of people that they can't find the commission page that has detailed examples of my work. You can see it in the navigation bar up near the top of the page on the left hand side just under the "about me" with the pic of me. (The merch page is over there, too, in the Buxom Store!) But here's a link for ease! Commissions!


Melanie said...

I am totally getting a chibi after payday. Glad to hear things might settle down for a while for you two!!

Anonymous said...

I too love rhyme and had to tell,
although it's rare it works so well.
And if I could afford some art
I would be pleased to do my part.
But my bank account very sad,
So here's a wish for you instead:
May your net recover, your phone return,
Your car bill be cheaper than the fuel it burns,
Your move go smoothly with nothing lost,
Your home life stable, and your sex life hot!

Nic said...

I love it! :D

Anonymous said...

I had actually just found your site the other day..Read it from page one to the very end! I love reading about you, I'm glad that there's a gal out there that can tell their story through art without having to be...*Cough* overkill, if you catch my drift.

Hi-Hi Nic! ^^

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