Begging to Keep My Booty Big!

Holyshit this post took me DAYS to construct.
Please, please, if you would oblige me, please read my whole post. I am asking for things but not without return. :)

First things first, this was actually a commission that I am using here with permission. :) Thanks to the reader who came up with the idea! I've been slaving away at commissions for awhile now but I imagine there are worse things. ;)

I'm afraid, my friends, it's time for me to ask something of you all. If you have the time or inclination watch this video, it's beautiful and interesting and very, very relevant:

As you all have heard from me, I'm laid up with this knee issue. That means I haven't worked in almost two months and I've been scraping by on rent and food and bills etc. My savings are dwindling very rapidly...

Please don't tune me out, yet. I'm not asking for money for nothing (not that I'll turn it down!)

Before I proceed with this big, beggy post and before I get to "asking" I want you to know what any of your money donated has/will be going towards. Rent is obvious and so is food. Comon' you have to keep Nic's booty big and fat or the comic just won't be the same!!! But, also, I have medical bills cropping up and eating away at me. And there are many more to come. I have to give a HUGE shout out to NicBuxom reader Gomai who donated $500 so that I can get a discounted MRI of my knee! We worked something out in trade but he offered without me even having to ask and it means SO, SO much to me. I hope he realizes how grateful I am. You guys are all so wonderful to me. I don't know how to think him and other commissioners enough for their generosity. :)

Also, I have one last new cost.... PrettyBoy totalled my car. Yes, really... He's okay for the most part (afew scrapes and some issues with his wrist and joints) but my car is gone for good. Which means that even once I start walking and driving again I won't have a way to get to work. This is a huge issue and we need to buy me a new car so any money you guys send my way will also be going towards getting me mobile. And I'm not talking a brand new car... we're scraping the bottom of the barrel here and just trying to find a reliable little junker for $1500-$3000 but that is still alot of money with me out of work...

(And as an aside, while I am out of work PrettyBoy has been WORKING HIS ASS OFF. He is a self employed handyman and he's been busting ass to keep us both afloat. I have to give him kudos for being so overworked while I'm stuck on my ass at home.)

Those of you who have been kind enough to commission me have been truly keeping me alive and I thank you all so heartily for that. :) Sincerely.

And so, with commissions in mind I announce that I will be keeping the dicount commission prices open indefinitely. I don't know when I will get back to work and this is one way I can make money from home so PLEASE, don't be shy, take advantage. Many of you have already and I've truly enjoyed every commission. They've keep me busy and amused and I feel like I've been improving in leaps and bounds with all of the practice. I love it. So, commission away! (All merch will stay on sale, as well!!!) If you'd like a commission then check out the commission page for pricing and then write me at and we'll work out the details!

Here is a wee peak, with permission, at some of the recent commissions:

And, of course, if you're feeling generous, there's always the donation button!

But that's not all. I've had to get innovative with how to keep afloat and so I have afew strange new ideas for you all to join in on!

Now, I don't know if this idea is going to work but it cannot hurt me to try!

I am cleaning closet on you guys. I have loads of nice things that I don't really NEED and so, if anyone is interested, I'd like you guys to have them. And at the same time you can help me out of this finacial bind (not the fun or kinky kind of bind sadly.) And that way I don't feel like I'm getting something for nothing. :)

I know many of these items are things you may be able to buy on your own online and whatnot (though some are one of a kind) HOWEVER if you buy them from me you getting the added benefit of really helping me survive. So, that's the incentive! It's so important to me.

And one last thing. If you buy ANY of the items I'm selling to raise money you will get a surprise sketch from me, signed. :) It's not as good as a full color commission or something but it will be completely unique and it will be the original copy so... why not!
I'll be sure to make each one something cute/weird. ;P

So, without further ado, items up for sale to help me live! The Benefit for the Booty sale! It's a little kinkier than a bake sale. ;P
Benefit the Booty!

All of the items, unless otherwise stated, are in good condition but keep in mind they ARE all used. These items are all things that have been mine for awhile and while I keep good care of them they ARE second hand. :) Though, as far as I'm concerned that could make them worth MORE to some of you pervy kinksters! ;P

Items include shoes, DVDs, lingerie, action figures, comics, jewlery, toys, books and more!

Also, shipping is included in the cost of everything so that we have flat rates on this stuff. Just leave me your shipping address.
But, if you live within LA I'm happy to hand deliver anything, as well! Just leave a note to me. :) PrettyBoy can drive me to ya!

And if you guys are creative thinkers like me and you have an idea for a trade or something we can work out together for me to make a little cash please don't hesitate to contact me! I'm happy to entertain other ideas. :)

And please, help me spread word to anyone you think may be interested in anything I'm offering here!

Well, that's all for now. I'm really grateful to any of you that help me in my endeavors to keep on despite my injury. I have an amazing readership and you all have always been so good to me. I will do my damndest to keep updating the comics here despite all of my commissions because I believe in keeping NicBuxom up, even if you can't afford to help me out. :3

Thank you all again, and keep kinky!


AndyO! said...

Might want to check out Premium Content. Typically I post a picture (a scaled down JPG) and for Premium Content I make a higher res version (usually a full size 300dpi PNG) available for purchase. And there's also an option for selling prints, but the cut isn't so good.

Hasn't worked for me, but I'm a hack.

Nic said...

For awhile I tried to sell prints on there. Never sold a one and I've been on there for a million years. -___- Blugh.

AndyO! said...

I feel your pain. Haven't worked in nearly 3 year and SSDI keeps saying no and ad revenue is half what it used to be, with more traffic.

Miss Kara said...

I stopped reading after you asked for money. Mostly because I don't want anything in return... << I'll send you what I can on pay day, Nic. Hang in there.

Nic said...

Kara, for a second my heart stopped! I thought you meant you stopped reading the comic entirely. XD Ohmagosh. Well, thank you so, so, much darling. You are wonderful. <3

Kitten said...

This sucks! I wish I could spare money, but that is not an option at this time. But maybe this helps, you could try selling shirts/postcards through it takes about 15 minutes to set up and they take care of everything else as long as you provide content. I hope you will get well soon! D:

Nic said...

No worries, Kitten, I definitely know it's hard times for everyone. :) But I'll look into the redbubble idea! I've never explored that site before.

Miss Kara said...

Sorry for scaring you, Nic *snugs* And it's really no problem. I can't offer much, but I know what it's like to be sick and unable to work. It's awful, and it makes you sicker, and eventually the stress of it all starts doing horrible things to you. No one here is going to fault you for needing help, especially after you've spent so long making us laugh. I'll send you something Tuesday, promise.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Etsy? Super cheap to open up a shop( Literally cents ) !

Nic said...

I've long thought about an etsy. I'm not sure what I'd sell other than sketches, though. I'm not super crafty. :P

Lord Crios said...

Frankly my dear I wish I could help help, but my current financial situation I can barely put the plate on the table for my family, and I often have to ask for help from family to get by.
I am very sorry for your injury, and I hope that soon you'll be fine and you can toranre fit.
I'll give you my best wishes with all his heart for a speedy recovery.

Nic said...

Don't feel bad, I know I'm not the only one going through hard times. Thank you for the well wishes!

Anonymous said...

Can you perhaps do a logo for a band? I enjoy your art, and my boyfriend's band has been looking to obtain a logo. If they really like what you do then we'd also probably go to you for tshirt designs. They wanna do a sort of zombie-eque thing.

Nic said...

I'm sure I could do that. :) I dig zombie stuff! (Especially hot zombie chicks.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for anon, my phone is so hard to figure out!

Oh Nic hang in there! I'll see what I can do to help, even a little. Honestly you've made me so much less shallow and so confident in my own body. I miss the comic and I miss your ramblings in general. Sending so much love your way!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help as well. I've been stalkerishly following you for a long time. im not really a stalker though, i just follow this and your DA. I was so excited when I turned 18 cause i wanted to go to you for training but ended up not being able to cause i got moved foster homes again and lost my job and money. One day i hope to meet you!!!! Had i not met my fiance id prolly be trying to work with you >< anyway, when i can i totally want posters of all your featured fetishes and then some <3

Anonymous said...

Yayyy I emailed

B'ney said...

I feel silly for feeling bad, not being able to give more... I should be able to do more next payday!
I actually just started reading (two days ago!)... But I feel as if I've been here for years. I will support you in any way I can Nic (she says, desperately trying to not sound like a stalker... heh). Best of luck to you, and please feel better soon. I'm on my way to check out your commission page, hehe c:

B'ney said...

I also wanted to thank you for sharing that TED video, it was so inspiring! :)

Syd said...

I wish I could spare something, but unfortunately I lost my job due to my own medical issues :( big booty sick girl photo shoots to raise money?

B'ney said...

Oh... So much sads! When that (absolutely beautiful) perfume bottle got here, the entire thing was shattered. Broke my heart!

Nic said...

Oh no!!!!!! I thought I wrapped it well enough and told the post it was fragile. :(
I'll refund you right now, I'm so sorry. :(

Bney said...

You don't have to be sorry, it's definitely not your fault. It was certainly well wrapped, but when I pulled it out of the mailbox the bottom of it was all torn up and... well, it didn't survive their "fragile" treatment. I'm just sad that it broke! It was SO gorgeous!

Nic said...

I'm upset with myself now for not taking further precautions but I guess that's hindsight. :( Let me know if you'd like anything else. I have an item I haven't posted on the site yet that you may like as it's something somewhat similar... (I know nothing will be the same and I'm sad it's gone, too.) :(

Alex said...

Excited for the schoolgirl dress. :) The sale is a great idea. I sincerely hope you get back to being financially safe and secure soon. In the meantime, to throw out an idea, have you ever thought about doing camgirl work to bring in extra cash? An ex of mine, (kind of- was complicated,) makes good money that way, and it seems to suit her needs well. Maybe some of your clients from work might be interested? (If your boss wouldn't be upset about something like that, that is.)

Anyway, good luck! And thank you for the work you put in on this blog. Lots of fun to read.

Bney said...

I would love to see what this... item is. I'm definitely looking to get something else, that was really sweet of you to refund the money. Do you think if the package was insured, you would have been able to get the $50 from the postal people? Heh :p
Do you want to shoot me an email with what item you had it mind? (it feels weird saying "item" so much, but I don't know what it is, haha).

Nic said...

Alex, I actually tried the camgirl thing for abit. The shitty thing about it is that most companies/clients expect you to pound away at yourself with a dildo. I'm not comfortable doing that, it's just not my style, so it's hard to find places that will allow me to only do what I'm comfortable with... I did find some but it turned out I was putting hours of work in for pennies. Maybe it was because I was new and maybe I would have built up more regular clients over time but I found the work was exhausting and not terribly enjoyable for very little pay... I still think about trying it out again, especially now that I'm less mobile, but it just didn't appeal to me... you'd think it would be similar to what I already do but for me it just wasn't at all. Anyway, I haven't closed that door yet I'm just not completely sold on it for now. :/

Bney, I'm taking photos to send you right now. :) It's okay if it turns out to be something you don't like but since it's somewhat similar it might be up your alley. Don't feel obligated if it's not something you're interested in, I'll mail you in a minute! :D

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