Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone...

Since my last post so much has changed for the better and so much of that is because of all of you. Between merchandise sales, commissions and donations you all have pushed me through the desperate time I was in. Now I can afford rent, a cheap new car (still looking!) and medical care.

And more than the money, so many of you sent me kind words that brought me to tears. More than financial help I received SO MUCH emotional help. And how giving and supportive you all were really touched me. I wish I knew a better way to express it other than to rush out this little comic and to just say thank you all, so much. I was despairing and now I'm looking forward into the future.

I will, of course, still be accepting donations, sales and commissions. However, a word of warning on the commissions, there is a wait. So many of you stepped forward to help me that I am a little bogged down right now. :) I certainly don't mind taking more but just be aware that you will have to wait for everyone who came before you. (That's part of why this comic update is so rushed, I have commissions to get back to! ;P)

I also have more items I will be updating to the Benefit For the Booty sale page with very soon, so keep an eye out! I just need a day to photograph and code everything.

And in good news I am now hobbling around abit. Honestly, I probably shouldn't be walking on the leg but I can't afford not to anymore. And so today is my very first day back to work in the dungeon! I am writing this from our cross-dressing room on an old fainting couch so I can prop my leg up. I can't wear heels and it's been a slow day but at least I'm back. There's going to be ALOT that I can't do with my knee in the shape it's in but I'm sure that my regular clients will be accommodating. :) The Shocker is in town next weekend. We'll see if I feel up for a cattle prodding...

I guess that's all. I just want to show how much I appreciate you all. I think the absolute best thing that has come from this little fundraiser is that I got to "meet" so many people that I didn't even know read the comic. I've struck up some really meaningful conversations with some of you and heard the voices of so many people I didn't know were out there. It's been a thrilling experience to talk to you guys. :)

I'm sick again but not badly so. Hopefully it will pass quickly. I'm only going to work 2 days a week at the dungeon to start and take it from there. My boss from my other job, my TENS unit selling job, is loaning me his car for the week which is so nice of him. People have really stepped up to help me in any way they can and I'm so heartened by the kindness and generosity in people. A few of you even sent me video games and cookies!!! XD Perhaps taking "keep the booty big" too literally! ;)

Thank you all, again. I guess all I can do in return is to keep updating and I will do so, slowly but surely, as I get back to some normalcy. :)

<3 Nic


Too Old To Be Cool said...

I wish I could donate or buy something. All I can do is sent you a virtual hug.

Hang in there, kiddo!

Rhaina K. said...

I loved seeing my friend's commission as their new fetlife icon it was perfect for them.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to have experience with fetishs to work in a dungeon? And if not how would one possibly go about finding one even?
Gee-vs (female 18)

Nic said...

Most dungeons would like you to have some level of experience, though some will train you as a submissive with no experience. I'm not sure how to recommend finding one besides google? I had been attending a club night as a customer in the dungeon I work at and had found out about it through word of mouth. I found the ad that they were hiring in a newspaper... so I'm not sure that the route I took would be helpful to anyone else. :P I do live in Los Angeles, as well, and so in a major city there's a higher chance of establishments like this existing. There's definitely kink everywhere, though, and there's always the "independent" route but that's ALOT more work and alot less safe if you're just starting out...

Anonymous said...

I've been following you for awhile and had wanted to go out to LA to get trained by you and hope for employment, but just before I turned 18 i got moved foster homes and lost my job so i didnt have the money. I really hope I can one day though.

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