Happy 4th Birthday, Nic Buxom!

We interrupt this kooky story arc to wish NicBuxom a happy 4th birthday! That's right, four years the comic has been running, phew! Somehow it feels longer... Maybe because SO MUCH has happened and changed for me since I began this comic. My life is now almost completely different from what it was, but I still have my dungeon work!

And, honestly, life is better now. It may not be as EASY and settled as it was when I started this thing but I think I'm happier. :)

Speaking of birthdays, mine is in exactly one week! I'll be 28, oh geez. Wasn't I just a kid yesterday?

This comic is partially inspired by an old coworker of mine that I was quite fond of. She used to call her big, glorious booty her "birthday cake!" XD

Anyway, I'm keeping VERY busy with commissions and comics and work and life. I may have a car in the works, I hope this one goes through. My knee is feeling better-ish. I walk much better now but it still aches alot and I still struggle with things like stairs. No heels or running, either... but mostly back to normal at this point. Other than those two things life is excellent. PrettyBoy and I are doing wonderfully and our apartment and roomy are fantastic. Work has been keeping us both busy and we've got our creative side endeavors in the works as well! These last four years have been very up and down for me but I feel like I'm growing up and I'm finding it's hectic but enjoyable. :)

I'll return to the previous story arc soon! Happy Birthday Buxom!


Shauna H said...

Happy birthday Nicbuxom and Nic! I hope you have a very happy 28th birthday on the 28th :D

J said...

Happy Birthday! (Oh and happy 28th next week. Yer still a kid though and that's coming from a grumpy old man.)

Anonymous said...

dang, save me a slice.

Mark said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one!

M. said...

New reader, I totally just whooshed through your comics in the past two days. Great stuff! I am always happy to see kinky comics.
Keep up the awesome!
(dat booty)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic, what happened to your hair stubble on your legs? They are missing!!! No way you shaved for your birthday! LOL xoxo Sable

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