Sorry for this weirdness. I've been feeling really arty but I'm already tired of my stupid zombie comic arc... but I feel obligated to finish it. Bleeehhh...
Everytime I'm doodling anything ever PrettyBoy glares at me, "Are you working on comics or commissions? You should be working on comics or commissions."

And speaking of PrettyBoy, tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary. :) Yay.
It feels like it's whizzed by and yet I feel like I've been with him forever and ever. We're keeping the celebration small because we don't have alot of cash.

So, thank you guys for helping us to reach our kickstarter goals! We'll have new Mad Nation episodes for you sometime in 2014 and we have rewards being worked on for you (like the MadNation comic, which I am in the process of drawing!!!)

I guess that's it for now. I'll try to give you a real update soon. D:
I don't know what else to say other than I've been working too much.
Kay, bye.


Country Boy said...

Don't force yourself to continue a story arc. Just put up "To Be Continued" and move on to where the creative process takes you. Forcing creativity will kill it.

J said...

Change the arc and come back to it. (Meanwhile back at the ranch.....)

Anonymous said...

I can feel you. My art is literature and I, too, have banged my head against the wall of writer's block where I desperately want and need to write... but can't.

Can't really help you get out of there, though. My only advice would be that it may seem impossible or painful to begin something at the moment, but once you start doing art again, it's actually not that bad. The flow returns when you use it.

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