Happy Hauntings!

Sorry this is late.

I was actually supposed to go out to West Hollywood with friends tonight but they showed up nearly 5 hours late and I just wasn't up for it after that. I am an old woman, now. I can't get a party started at 10pm anymore. I want wine, quiet and sleep. Bleh.

Anyway. Just a rushed last-minute idea for you all. Hope everyone's safe and has fun tonight. I'm staying in with a bottle and a movie and a PrettyBoy.

I still committed to a costume, though, even if it was just to wear at home. What it lacks in originality I think I make up for in dedication. At least, I haven't seen another Walter White crossdresser who had the authentic hairy legs and bald head to back it up. ;)


Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

"That's the magic fairy princess wand that Miley Cyrus gave me!" I am laughing my ass off at this. Pure gold.

Anonymous said...

You are epic awesome

MJ said...


Emilly Orr said...

And I am soooooo late to respond to this, but your Walter White was made of pure win.

Anonymous said...

I'll 1UP you in terms of lateness, Emilly. Seriously, Nic, that's an awesome costume.

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