The Call

Hello again!
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So, uh, yea. This is true. I was told I was too fat when I first called my dungeon about the job. Funniest part is that I was much slimmer when I started! I've just never been one to lie about my weight and I've always weighed more than I look. At least I win prizes at the carnival weight guessing games. ;)
In just one or two more comics you will finally see other characters besides myself! You'll find a recurring theme, however, of me avoiding showing clients etc. but I'm hoping it will enhance my style and form rather than detract from it.
Uh, plus I can cater to their anonymity!


dylan said...

I love the expressions in your comics :O

Nic said...

I almost clicked on your name-link!
Oh, and thanks. :)

Severous Black said...

I vastly prefer a woman with curves. I'll never understand the appeal of scrawny women.

Nic said...

I agree Severous. :)
We like people like you. ;)

laceylou689 said...

LMAO Kehe!!! ^^ sawees we dont hire fatties lols.... sigh... john......aka big papa

Ruben Esq said...

It's amazing where you can end up following followers who follow other followed blogs. That's how I found yours and I'm glad I did. I started reading your strips from the beginning (and considering the subject of my work) I had to comment when I got to this one. If someone gives you trouble about having big tits and ass, you're looking for work in the wrong neighborhood. Come to the more "colorful" side of town. You'll be welcomed by tight pants.

You're good at this comic making thing. I like your approach to it. The cutesy design of the strip contrasting the non-cutesy subject matter makes it stand out. I'm sure I'll enjoy reading the rest of your stuff!

Nic said...

I love love love your art! Thank you for following, I hope you enjoy your stay! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm about 6' and I was told that the ideal weight for my height would be in the 156-178lb range. I can't imagine a 6' girl who weighs less than 120. *shudders* Walking skeleton-girl?

radiolady said...

mmmmm curvy!
i am 5'nothing, hubby is 6'6.... i feel like a lil kid next to him
like he should be in a giant bear costume with a pedo sign lol
mmmm pedo bear lol

Mistress Ravensong said...

Not only are YOU funny, your READERS are funny too!!!!!

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