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Okay, you're probably gonna have to click to enlarge on this one in order to read it. I needed to do it in this format in order for it to translate at the correct pace.
Anyway, huzzah! We're moving into actualy PRO territory finally!
And yea, I actually did find this job in a newspaper. Though to be fair my best friend pointed it out to me. :)
I'm more of a web browser when it comes to job searches.
Or anything, really.


Baka Photos said...

A plot develops, cool. :D

Jeremy said...

That poor coffee cup

Nic said...

Jeremy, it LIKES it. ;)

radiolady said...

dammit! why are you so far, that job hunting would be fun with you!

Mistress Ravensong said...

OMG, that was you got a REAL job Babe!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! just noticed the facial expressions on the coffee cup... lololololol

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