A Nerd By Any Other Name

Yep, this one basically happened just like this. :P
I was coming up with all sorts of crazy names. They weren't as blatant as a few of these (nerdy shoutout!) but I seriously was going for a geeky reference for my name to kind of represent that of me. The girls, tired of all of my obscure and difficult names, told me to basically stick with my real one. Ha! And I have.
To be fair we have clients that REALLY struggle with alot of the other girls names so going simple was a really good choice in the long run. And they STILL fuck my name up sometimes! D:


Anonymous said...

I love your comic, Nica!
Ni... Nixie! There we go.

Nic said...

I get called "Mickey" alot! :P

SoreThumb said...

That kinda sucks :(

faceseat said...

zelda would of been a cool and easy one for the nerdy kinkster's

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