Career Choices

Did I mention I sometimes feel out of place? :P

So, there has been NUMEROUS sources of drama for me this evening but I still managed to finish the comic, and on time, as usual. I know I haven't been spending as much time on them as I should but I don't have the time to spend. :/
I know this one isn't as funny as the rest but they can't all be zingers, right? After this comic we sorta officially get started with me working the dungeon, not just learning as much. Yaaaay! That doesn't mean I get a session right away! But trust me, activities sorta begin to get revealed. :P
Okay, enough teasing you.

Another thing! I did a bit of art for the lovely sex blogger over at HerKnees. Check her out, she should cover subjects you deviants find interesting and if you look back a few blogs you can see my little guestart thing!
Be warned, though, it's TOTALLY NSFW. Wowza. But then, you all like that, don't you? ;)


Prince Dylan the Sixteenth said...

I'm really enjoying the lesbian quotient of this particular comic.

Nic said...

Hmmm technically I don't think any lesbian activities have happened yet...which is not to say they don't exist or that they won't happen in the future. :P

Archduke Dylan the Eighteenth, Earl of Windsor said...

Well I mean they're, like, hugging. I'm down with that, is all I'm sayin'!

Nic said...

Haha, well, they're The Twins so they're kinda always attached at the hip. They're mischevious so I figured it's natural for them to be rowdy and troublesome. Here I sorta was going for one to be whispering some naughty idea into the others ear while simultaneously trying to pull her to her feet to enact said naughty plan. :)

Ruben Esq said...

Cinematic storytelling! Subtle and effective!

Ivan said...

That hot secretary is awesome ^^
I think all fo us felt out of the place maybe too often.
I hope it isn't happening to you by now :)

Nic said...

Well, Ivan, I've been working here for about two years now and I'm pretty comfy with the girls and job. I still have huge moments, though, where I can see some glaringly stark differences between the girls and I. When they talk about make-up and manicures or one night stands (I'm in a 3year strong relationship) or new age homeopathic methods etc I wonder how I fit into it all. :P

Lord Crios said...

The two girls are twins? Good....... Double feature :D

redmagus25 said...

Hey! At least your job is cool! I repair watches ... it's as boring as hell. And, at least its fun when your customers give you shit.

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