Whew. Just uploaded this from the dungeon. :) I'm working a double today, 12-12 so lets see if I can survive it! D: As usual I had a session last night that kept me out late so this had to get posted today. Sorry if it seems cluttered or crowded, I wanted to show the lineup of girls that we do when a client meets us. Wauugh, I'm tired, the end.
Oh yea. I'm 24 now but I think I was 22 when I started which is why I had Nic saying that age in this one. :)


Anonymous said...

12-12 ???
Isn't that too much? :S
I thought you could work less hours, you know..
The final of this comic is pretty fun "just ignore my full name and address and please don't stalk me" HAHAHAHA
I cannot believe some dumbasses do that, actually (stalk girls who are Working, is that hard to understand?).
An official fan of your comic xD

IvanHajduk from DeviantArt

Nic said...

Yea, I can make my own hours and I usually only work 6 hours a day but I came in on a special request to a coworker. :)
Plus, I ended up leaving at 9pm. It was slow and I was tired.
And yea, every once in awhile we get creepy stalkers. I guess it's just a hazard of the job. But you guys can stalk my comic all you want! ;)

Dai said...

That last frame is hysterical hon. And gosh stalkers. Ever been internet stalked? Nothing like having to change your e-mail and instant messenger just to get some crazies out of your life. By the way...tall lady is tall o.O

Nic said...

Nope, no internet stalkers. At least nothing that ever made me feel seriously concerned. :) I'm really good at ignoring people, too, though.

Dai said...

Well that is certainly a great skill to have hon ^^

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