Hello PrettyBoy!

It's true.
I'm doing it again.

AND, what's more, after all of that PrettyBoy is now moving BACK across the country to LA. You can ask HIM to explain himself. I'm just happy I get to piggyback yet another awesome drive. And... yaknow... that I may actually have the dude in my life a little bit longer.

Sorry for playing with your emotions with the last comic but he and I really DID think we'd never see one another again until very recently. We were resigned to remember the good times and let it go. Now we're looking forward to the future!

So, I leave on the 18th to fly back to Massachusetts (and be VERY careful about what I bring on the flight this time) and then to start the cross-country trek yet again, in the opposite direction!
We're gonna be hauling ass alot more this time so we likely won't have time to stop and see you guys but I'll let you know if that changes. :)

So, uh, hopefully there'll be more of these guys for ya in da future:


PrettyBoy said...

Aah, why is the video double letterboxed?

I will fix this. And give you a new link. In the meantime, your fans may enjoy our horizontally stretched faces.

bitflipper said...

Well, good! And this time, PrettyBoy, you must kind key lime pie!

bitflipper said...

...or perhaps even find some.
(Apparently, it's past my bed time.)

Raven said...

Squee ^_^ I've just found your comic and read through it twice, I'm glad the adventure continues and that you get to hang onto pretty boy a while longer :)

if you guys ever want to come up north Montreal qc canada has a very open and crazy bdsm community you'd have a ball up here :)

have an awesome trip

Rachel M. said...

I'm so happy for you guys! I hope you have a blast, and don't get sick this time! And if you two want to do another IHOP night with us before you take off from Boston, let me know :-P.

Anonymous said...

Your ringtone is..."Aaaaaaah"? That's kind of awesome.

Kate said...

OMG YAAAY! Sooo happy for you two! Congrats on the relationship extension! :) Also: LOL "My Nicki hurts. Soooo cute. I think I might have to use that. (Since I am perpetually sick and/or injured. "My Katie hurts...:( )

Nic said...

Anon, yes! My ringtone is a recording of one of my clients screaming as I spank him. Heehee. It's pretty alarming to most people. I should put up a vid of it so you all can see/hear.

And thanks for the well-wishes you guys! I'll keep you all updated, of course, and PrettyBoy may pop up in the comic more and more if this ends up working out. :D

Vera Wylde said...

Well fingers crossed for the both of you!

DaeDollie said...

OMFG!! Yay!

...but I guess that knocks the Florida/Disney world idea out with the original "semi-plan" AND I won't get to see you this time around either, it seems. :p

Though I am still upset at the lack of shirtless...ness. >.< This is due to that last little tease.

and, uh, I had something else to say, but I completely forgot (which is normal for me), but I am SO SO SO SO happy to hear the news about you and PrettyBoy!


megan said...

yay driving across the country! i've done it twice and before the year is through, i'll do it again. it's fun. there are lots of 2-headed cows and 6-legged goats out there.
also, kansas is flat. but i'm sure you know that.
congrats on being back with your boy! yaaaaay!!

DaeDollie said...

I would LOOVVEEEE to do it one day. I'd have nothing stopping me if I ever got the chance, except for a small medical problem. >.<
I've hardly ever left the state. So I'm kind of jealous of those that get to do this.

Leah said...

I love your ringtone, and your adventures!!! :D
My boyfriend wants to make a ringtone of him cracking a single tail for my cell. That will be interesting on the bus, or in the bank, but also highly amusing. :)

Jules said...

Aw, right on! I hope good things for both of you! :D

Enrique Acosta said...

Some places to stop on the way if you can.
The Grove In Albuquerque New Mexico is a fantastic bakery/cafe with everything made fresh that morning.
The Guild in ABQ is a revival house made for film nerds.
Luv it in Las Vegas has frozen custard that is more delicious than anything has a right to be.
The M Casino buffet has a mind staggering amount of food and not one bad bite in the place.
No good food in AZ. I've looked and looked but can't find any.

Dingo said...

I just found your comic....and read it beginning to end, ending right this very second.
#1 I admire the crap out of you for doing something I'd LOVE to do for work, but am scared to try to do (big girl paranoia *sadface*) #2 I love your art style. #3 roadtripping across the country is made of win, and I've done the MA to CA back to MA trip, there are plenty of random and crazy things to do along the way. :)
Keep being awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just finished a huge archive-binge of your comic, and I just wanted to say: you are awesome, I love this, I hope everything with the dungeon works out or that something else works out to your advantage, your job sounds AMAZING (and way different from what I've seen/imagined), it's awesome to find a webcomic that explains it all, and...

...this one might sound odd, but it's nice to see a comic featuring women with such a variety of body-types that may not be "ready for Hollywood", but are still GORGEOUS. I've been living in LA for about a year and a half now, and while I don't feel overwhelmed with the skinny girls, I do get tired of the same-ness of it. It's so refreshing to see such a sexy and original comic that doesn't resort to the usual visual kicks :)

Mortimer Grimm said...

If going once is fun, going twice makes it double! :)

Chikara said...

Ok, so I've finally caught up with the comic, and I love it! All the trials and tribulations (not to mention the fun!) that you've been through makes for a wonderful read!

I hope you and PrettyBoy do well with your reverse cross-country trip, and if you somehow make it into Florida again let me know. I'd be up for a little driving to meet such a wonderful person!

Anonymous said...

you guys are so cute >u<!

(PrettyBoy makes me think of Flynn in Tangled! :) ^^;)

Lord Crios said...

Go girl, go.

PrettyBoy said...

"Anonymous said...
you guys are so cute >u<!

(PrettyBoy makes me think of Flynn in Tangled! :) ^^;)"

Oh god. You haven't even met me and you're at least the fourth person to say so. Nic and I saw that movie together and afterwards I turned to her and said "so was that movie...about me?" and she laughed and said "I didn't want to be the first to say it."

DaeDollie said...

Hey, I've at least talked to you, and I think it as well. >.<

Anonymous said...

Happy International Fetish Day Nic Buxom! This day reminds me of your webcomic, keep abolishing people's preconceived notions about sexuality.

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