Turn Table

So, I have another really good legit excuse for being late this time... :(
We've had another death in the dungeon... except... we don't really have the dungeon anymore... but anyway.
One of the beautiful ladies that I had the pleasure of working with and befriending passed away. It's not under any crazy circumstances or anything and I REALLY don't want to talk about it much but it's affecting us all very deeply.
ANYWAY. It's okay. Cuz the whole point of this comic is for you to laugh at my pain. Right?....right?

Other new news is that I'm moving back home until the dungeon officially reopens and I can officially get my life back to "normal." I'm excited, if only because I like change. Also don't really feel like harping on about that.

I have even bigger news but I'm choosing to reveal it a few comics from now so you'll all just have to wait.
Sorry if I'm being brief, I'm tired and moody. Bleck.

SO, PrettyBoy wasn't the only one having freakouts on the trip. ;P
BTW, this really happened. We almost ran out of gas about a thousand times and at least thrice it was in scary, dire situations. Driving through empty swamp in the middle of Florida with no pull-offs and no one around and about to run out of gas makes for some hilarious video... Just you guys wait. -_-
I'm gonna give you a handful more of "trip" comics before (I SWEAR) we'll get back to BDSM. Promise. Heart crossed and everything...

Oh, also, here's an alternate ending to todays comic. :P

PrettyBoy has a new video lined up for you all with tomorrows update so stay tuned!

Now, to bed with me. Tomorrow I pack and move a bit.


Secretive Slave said...

Sorry to hear that you're going through another death Nic :(

Kate said...

Terribly sorry for your collective loss. My thoughts and condolences go out to you. :(

Miss Vonn said...

Know you are not alone in ALL of your loss, in life, in change, in living with family. Since last summer alot of us have faced adversity. The universe has chewed us up and spit us all out. You have kept on keepin on. This last kick in the ass was though not completely unexpected, a shock that it happened and was a stab to all whose life she had touched. Her crazy ass and slippered feet will be missed by everyone who knew her.

You are a child of the Universe. And even though for the last 200 days or so it seems we've all been on the losing end of a boxing match with whoever runs this joint things are starting to look up. :) Things are starting to roll forward and you'll be out and about for a couple of the next weeks. We're all here to support you in your endeavors whatever your crazy jiggly butt is doin, just as you support us in ours. AND TRUST ME LITTLE BIT ~ THAT'S WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!

Miss Vonn said...

PS I lurve you. You know in case you didnt know.

Vera Wylde said...

Oh those sudden moments of clarity, frightening aren't they?

Lindsey said...

I miss you, girly. :}

Anonymous said...

{{HUGS}} Hope things get back to 'normal' soon for you. been thinking about you.

Lord Crios said...

My condolescence hun.

flamewolf said...

Hurry I hear banjos!

Dread Lord CyberSkull said...

This is Scooby Doo country…

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