Not Ready

I live!

Yeesh, I haven't really had much of a chance to settle down the last few months. We start up on the road again in the next day or two and head on back to LA. AND I'M NOT READY AT ALL. D:


So, I'd intended to stick this one up before the last roadtrip but it's applicable to this one, as well. We're already behind schedule. I only brought ONE bra for the whole drive. No long shirts, either. I am queen procrastinator!

Anyway, just a quick poke of fun at myself. Now I'm gonna work on sketching some new stuff for ya'll. I don't have my scripts with me but I'll think up something. :)
Will do my best to give you more comics and videos and pics from the road, yet again. After mid-February I should finally be SEMI-settled and maybe will start having a set schedule to work around.

Also, it dawned on me the other day that I completely missed my 200th update!!! Shame on me! D:

Okie-doke kids, wish me luck! PrettyBoy and I will do our best not to die! :D


Vera Wylde said...

Not dying is a good plan, stick with it.

Saturday said...

Best of luck! Please don't die. Out of curiosity, will there be more videos from the road? I really enjoyed them last time.

TheWindScreams13 said...

love your comic! hope you have a great trip.

MoonShadow said...

Dying isn't a good thing, so be careful. And hopefully, you don't run into that TSA ass again. Even though you're coming in, they can still be asses. :p Anyway, take care. Oh......and the creepy thing for me....your PrettyBoy looks very familiar. Weird huh? o.O

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