That's Unusual?

Are you as pumped as I am?
I'm pumped.

Hey, let me have a little pride in staying with my update schedule! I've been good! LOVE ME!

Sorry. In a weird mood. But then, when am I not?

Also, am I the only one who thinks little chibi Nic is abso-fucking-lutley adorable?

I worked a bit this weekend but didn't make half as much as I'd expected. Know what I'm talking about? You know what I'm talking about.

Ummmm... I guess that's it for now. This comic script is not that great in my opinion and I plan on making it a recurring joke. So, uh, keep that in mind in the future and don't go geeking out on me telling me I'd already used this joke. I plan to change the punchline slightly each time but leave the basic overall sentiment.

Anyway. You don't need to know the bones of my story-lining and whatnot.

ALSO, I had this one all happily finished and then somehow managed to delete a layer of shading along the way and only noticed too late to get it back. Pleh. So, the coloring was better the first time I SWEAR.

Kay, see you guys on Wednesday. I'm 5 comics ahead on linework but this is the last one I've finished coloring so I've gotta get back on it.


radiolady said...

buh....wha...i...but...more? *whimpers*
i feel like your cat.. gimmy gimmy gimmy WHAT no gimmy nommmmmmmm

Spiral Turquoise said...

I think the coloring looks really nice, actually...

kitten said...

i'm really enjoying the coloring... keep up the awesome work :)

tom said...

this has to be my favorite one that you have ever done! EVER!!!

Evals Pup said...

Chibi BDSM. so cute.. and painful.. ow. I mean I'm into BDSM and all that wonderful stuff, but seeing someone kicked in the balls still makes me shiver.



Nic said...

LMFAO at whomever made the above name/comment. I love you forever. XD

Anonymous said...

YOU HAVE TO DO CHIBI NIC!!! It doesn't need to be anime, really, but SOOOO awesome if you could draw it with the chibi-ness factor on 11!

Anonymous said...


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