Skinny Mirrors

Yep. Not to be a "Cathy" but yes, I have these moments.
I can be a girl sometimes, okay!?

If only they had "skinny mirror" glasses so the world could see me as I'm made to see myself.

I kid mostly, though. Y'all know I love the way I look, right? But it is funny to look in a mirror and KNOW that's not how I appear in reality.

Speaking of which I got two new dresses at Goodwill tonight! I am unaccountably excited about them. I think PrettyBoy is turning me into a girl... *shudder*

Uch. Rereading what I just wrote makes me feel like a blithering, vapid barbie. IGNORE ME!


Miss Vonn said...

Go pretty boy go pretty boy...GO... Make her a girl! She's way hawt!

(you know I <3 you no matter whut, but you are haaaaawt in a dress)

Miss Vonn

Random_raavi said...

tee hee hee <3 That is awesome. Glad things are going better for you. >.> and i say...PIC OF THE GIRLYNESS!!!....*coughcough* >.>....<.<.... <3

~~~Raine~~~ <3

Vera Wylde said...

I needs me one of those.

Josh said...

i wish i was a girl :(

Hegemone said...

Oh man, I understand entirely. Used to drive me mad, then I decided that the mirror was reality and everyone elses' vision was the one skewed.

jeswel said...

I totally understand. I "feel" skinnier than I look. I don't feel like model skinny, but I always have a shock of, oh, that's my real size? When I catch a glimpse in the mirror. Damn mirrors. Why can't we look how we feel?

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