Lazy Artist

I don't WANNA!

Okay, I've been lazy. To be fair I got NO chances to work at all on this last road trip because we spent almost all the time driving (and I get carsick) and then I spent my last week here completely wrapped up with my best friend who happened to be in town. :)

BUT now that Valentines Day has passed I'm back to having lots of free time to update! Huzzah!

No, truly, now that I live in an area I'm less familiar with and have less social contacts in I should have lots of free time to keep up with comics.
I'm still working so there may be blips here and there but I'm gonna try to get a good buffer going now that life has FINALLY settled a bit for me.

Good news: I have a new boyfriend named PrettyBoy. We made it official this V-Day and so far things are going swimmingly. :) He moved back to CA here with me and is working and doing quite well for himself!

Bad news: The dungeon reopening got pushed back again. Now I have to hang in there and busy myself for at least 3 months more. UGH.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm working on a legit update today and will probably give it to you all tomorrow.



DGH said...

Yay, congrats to you and PrettyBoy!

I am sure your followers will be patient. I can certainly wait on more comics. Take your time and get settled! :3

Vera Wylde said...

Bad artist! No cookie!

Just glad to see you back in some form, even if it's a whiney one.

Leah said...

Congrads on you and PrettyBoY!!! and yay that your back, a little part of me jumped for joy seeing this comic.. ok a big part of me :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else want a plushie of pouty Nic, or is it just me?

Jess said...

I miss you.... and your dom ways. :P But, I will be patient and wait it out.
Sigh. :) Nice to see you back, love.

Heidi Wilden said...

a Nic plushie would kick butt..
"have your own cute little dominatrix" " The look of Pleasure, with out feeling the pain"

PrettyBoy said...

I told her we'd be fine, the whole way back and forth across the country, and she always just awkwardly smiled and hopefully but skeptically nodded.

Well, here we are!

Liv said...

Congrats and welcome back! We've missed You!

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