Naughty Artbook

We've dropped the price on our collaborative art-book! Now it's just $10 (And if you live close enough for us to deliver it to you in person then don't bother paying for the shipping, send me an email and meet us instead for a hand-delivery!)
MC is a really close friend of mine and he and his lovely lady Mary produce lots of amazing stuff. It's a pretty regular event for he and I to draw naked ladies together so this is for mature (and preferably dirty minded) adults only!
You can get it from me here or on their etsy.

The Things You Love Are Monstrous

Get your copy of this cute little paperback book of gals and monsters by NicBuxom and MCGriffin. And by cute, we mean sexy, saucy and above all nude! 15 images of the fairer sex communing with the beast are hidden within the pages of this little artbook. Sure there's an innocent or two enclosed but you know me and the things I produce so be warned this one is certainly not for the prudish!!!

Check out other work by MC at his etsy account!


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Might have to look into this for my boyfriend lol

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