What's Up With Nic

Hi guys.
Sorry for the delay in posting. Here's what's been going on with me:

Working in the new dungeon and often 5 days a week, 11hr days most days.
Housesitting for a place with 2 fish, 2 cats (one elderly), a dog and three huge hellion ducks.
Working AdultCon.
Sick with some terrible cough/cold/flu thing.
Grandpa in the hospital doing very, very poorly, possibly dying.

And, really, those are just the big things.
So, woof, it's been crazy. I've been wanting to update you on it all but I haven't had any visual stimulus to accompany my life's news so I've been holding off. Now I kinda don't care, I feel obligated to let you know I'm alive (if not well) and thinking about you all.

Anyway... I hate to be a complainer and bring you guys down but real life happens that way sometimes. Too bad it can't all be cartoons.

When I have a chance to rest (today is the last day of the con at least) and buck up a little I'll fill you all in on the humor that inevitably flows through my life, good or bad times.


Cretch said...

Take care Nic, of you and your relatives

Kate said...

My thoughts and blessings are with ya, Nic. Hope all can be well soon.

Anonymous said...

Take Care. Inevitably someone brings a bug to a con, resulting in con-flu. I have also never had con-flu at a good time. Hopefully you geet over the bug soon so that the rest of the "fun" can be faced with a clear head at least.

Anonymous said...

Hope things get better soon. I can totally relate to reality taking all your attention. Take care of yourself and we'll wait patiently for you to share some humor with us.

bondagepixie said...

Take care, lovely, and best wishes to your grandpa. Sending all my good karma your way.

Kathleen said...

We miss you Nic, but the more important thing is that you get some rest and spend time with your family.

All of out love and best wishes from here in the midwest!

megan said...

best thoughts to you and yours...hope you start feeling better soon and your grandpa goes with peace, if he does. loosing someone you love is never easy and watching them spiral down is even harder. i'll send good thoughts out to the universe for you :)

model S said...

hey nic, i hope you feel better. -big hug- i wish i could come visit you, i'd give you a big hug in person. i'd love a session with you. ^^ i hope everything gets better real soon.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Nic!

Anna said...

Everyone experiences bad moments in their lives...you're not immune...we totally understand and send our thoughts/prayers/love to you! Good luck, hope everything turns out well and we'll catch you when you get back into the swing of things :D

Sans said...

Hey, take care, or else we'll not get anymore comics and that would be bad ;)

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