"For You"

Sorry to be a grouchy-pants everytime I talk at you guys recently. Man. I am fucking BEAT. (and not in the good way.) Have I already made that joke recently?
I don't even know.

Sorry, I'm SO tired. I haven't had a good nights sleep in awhile now and it's starting to drive me a little crazy. I'm working less hours this week and taking the weekend off to avoid carmageddon so I should finally get a pinch more time to myself. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.
I played with TheShocker a whopping 6 hours in 2 days time. May not sound like much to you but trust me, that's alot. Especially when cattle-prods are involved...

uhmmmmm... lemme think.
Ah, yea, so, this comic actually happened to me.
Clients will buy us gifts all the time, usually because they're items they like to see us in. Negligee, shoes, bondage toys and equipment etc.
A regular client of mine bought me a BEAUTIFUL long sheer black dress and asked that I wear it into the session. I modeled it for him for all of a second, relishing my new gift, before he pulled it off of me and proceeded to wear it himself the entire time...
Needless to say I haven't worn it since. -_-

Perhaps I delude myself in thinking the gifts are more for me than for them but I was still a bit put off. This is the same client that bought me gorgeous cuban heeled thigh-high stockings only to immediately tear them apart by strapping me into a bondage table made almost entirely of velcro.

Okay, trying not to be too much of a grouchy pants. For those of you who already follow me on my twitter account you may have already seen this but I have another one now that's for my more pro persona. If you wanna watch me quip at my clients a bit from the dungeon you're welcome to have a peek over there, though I won't be mentioning the comic on it. Still, it's a fun inside to some of the goings-on in my day or might in the least be amusing. Do whatever. :)

Also, I wanted to really, really thank everyone who's commissioned, grabbed merch and donated to me here.
Some of the girls were telling me I should turn NicBuxom into a paysite or up my prices on things or use other tactics to try to make more money and while I appreciate that they're trying to help me out I had to explain that that is NOT my purpose with this comic. I want this to remain a free thing that I do for fun and for education. I like you guys alot and I like seeing you have discussions in the comment section and I feel so rewarded when I hear I've made you laugh or feel better about yourself. I LOVE hearing from you and I don't want to do something silly like charge you for the advice you ask me in private emails, I want to be available to you all!
However, NicBuxom isn't totally free for me. Not to even mention the time this site takes from me and the costs of hosting and domain names etc. I DO jam through sketchbooks, pencils, erasers and inks REALLY fast. When you guys donate, snag my merch or commission me you're seriously helping to keep me stocked to keep me going on this thing and I REALLY appreciate it. I know it's hard times cuz I'm feeling it, too. You guys are the best. :)


Babbles and baubles said...

Nic, I love you and your comic. It's nice to see that it is okay to be a switch. Thank you for doing what you do.

Heidi Wilden said...

we luff ya nic *nods*

I'm just waiting for my money to come in *pouts* stupid people messing up scheduals...

model S said...

we love you too nic. i'd buy a shirt but there's nothing really for guys... one with the devil girl on the side panel or maybe a riding crop reading "master" or "sub" i dunno. and also i'm pretty poor right now... so that's a factor too....

Anonymous said...

What I'd love is a shirt with a cartoon version of myself bieng dommed by the lovely Nic since I can't get to Cali to get an RL session. :)

Nic said...

We could do that, Anon. ;)

Model S, I sorta planned the Eve shirt to be the more guy-ish shirt. If it didn't cost so much I'd have a thousand shirt designs out by now. I wanted to be the source of my own products but maybe I'll cave and get a cafepress account or something. :/

Anonymous said...

That would like be totally amazing. Your comic has inspired me to try to get out there as a pro sub. No dungeons are hiring and my Catholic parents would kick me out of my house if I did. It's totally my dream job. When I go out sometimes I wait until I'm out of the house and put on a collar ;; Sorry, that was too forward.

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