Wigging Out

So, uh, yes this actually happened. >_<
SUPER awkward for both me and the client. Luckily we proceeded (with the wig off) and he DID continue to come and see me afterwards. :)
And that, friends, is why I no longer wear a wig to work.

Well, also because it was hot and itchy as fuck and a huge pain in the ass and I didn't love the way it made me look (very submissive!!!)

My hair is growing out again so clients are liking it better. Though it's super hot here in LA so it's starting to bug me.

I almost had this comic finished last night but I was SO TIRED. Still, I'm chugging along again. May take me abit to get up to speed but I'm dedicated to keep updated.

And now, for some shit that bugs me.
Firstly, one of my coworkers has been hassling me about updating for some time now. I both appreciated and begrudged her insistence. But then I finally sit down and post something (admittedly rushed) and she complained that it was poor work quality! >_< At least I'm updating! Sheesh!

Second complaint. A few readers have "complained" that I always draw the clients old and unattractive. We DO mostly get older clients (and most of them are not attractive to me, though I didn't realize my cartoons were reflecting that.) So, for this arc I draw a young guy...
And then PrettyBoy says, "Why do you always draw your clients young and good-looking?"


Okay. That's all. Done bitching.

Lesson relearned?
You'll never make EVERYONE happy.


Anarcho-Cynicalist said...

Yay new comic!

I would have thought that short (one might say butchy?) hair would be normal and not unusual in CA by now.

Nic said...

Well, while short hair may be popular in everyday life the look our clients go for isn't a great reflection on current trends. Usually they like a very "girl next door" kind of look. Long hair tends to do best and short hair is great on very young looking girls but my hair tends to be messy and curly and boyish. :P

Anonymous said...

I think your clients are cute? And it's 80°+ all this week. :(

Anonymous said...

It's pretty annoying that your work friend is criticising you, as a reader I'm really happy that you're updating more though. :)

Chevette Girl said...

I just love how you look so bored in the first panel, "Ouch, ow, eek..." :)

Dan said...

Much as I'm glad you're updating, I don't think you should be pressured into it, and especially not by someone who then criticizes your work.

Anyway, I kinda like the short hair myself, but I guess I could see why people would want it. And you do kinda look bored in the first panel. I would say something about him not doing it hard enough, but then I remembered, "pain tolerance."

Nic said...

In her defense, my coworker just loves NicBuxom like the rest of you and wants to see more quality comics. :)

Kiera-Oona said...

Don't let anyone tell you that your drawings arent good. It doesn't have to be perfect. I love your style and I say keep it up. Even if you miss cleaning up your sketches in a few places.

Also, Its an artists point of view and perogative to draw what they want for subject matter. If you wanna draw your clients as young guys, thats your choice, and your co-workers shouldn't have any say.

Besides, you are protecting your clients' confidentiality by changing up how your clients look in the comic. Especially if they don't give permission/want to be on your web comic.

As they say, consent is key.

Miss Kara said...

I love how oh so sincere Lil' Nic looks as she cries in pain XD

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