Session's Over

This was really fun to draw! :D
I had a good time with a little more action and dynamic characters. I know NicBuxom is usually pretty text based as far as punchlines go so it was nice to have some movement.

Also, this is NOT how the interaction actually happened. :P I just thought it would be funny to draw out the drama for one more comic. THIS is more like how it actually went IRL:

Also, I'm really sorry to you guys that follow me on Twitter, for some reason I've been having issues connecting lately. >:( Anyway, there are other ways to get updates on comic progress and other silliness from me, just check out the "links" page in the sidebar.

Uhmmm that's all for now!!! I'll do my best to keep you updated regularly still. It's refreshing to be back on the comic!!! I'm working out of town the last two weekends in September (San Fran and then Malibu) so that MAY mess up my updating abit but I'll try to keep on top of it. :)

See ya soon!

PS I no longer wear the wig at work... It was very short-lived...


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I lold! :) Good to have you back!

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