Featured Fetish: Cowgirls

Okay, so I had a dilemma with this Featured Fetish!!! I couldn't remember if the requester had meant cowgirls as in cow-poke wrangling human cowboy cowgirls or had meant anthropamorphic girls who are half cow and/or dressed as cows...
So I did both!!!

As you can see, ol' Bessy here won first prize over all the other calves. ;P

I really don't have much detail to go on about in this featured fetish... I think the human cowgirl fetish revolves mostly around the aesthetic (much like schoolgirl fetishes.) I'm sure we could tie in things like rough and tumble tomboys being more naturally dominant, something sexy about working with your hands and animals and, more explicitly, knowing how to proper use a rope!!!
I also am a big fan of cowboys and girls. I'm definitely a sucker for a tight pair of blue jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Good thing PrettyBoy has many of those qualities. ;P

As for the girls who are actually cows, there's often a little bit more to it. Obviously the aesthetic is the main thing but anytime we have humans acting as animals the fetish realm begins to creep in. Add on top of that the whole "ownership" aspect, stables, collars/leashes/leads, being on the hands and knees...

And then there's always milking!!!!  :O

Anyway, overall usually very light-hearted and fun set of fetishes. Obviously you can take any role alot of places but I still think the look is the most important thing here.

(BTW I also think girls as cows are really cute and I would never ever be opposed to being one myself for the right farmhand. ;P)

This one took me awhile. I don't know if I'm rusty or what but hopefully it was worth it. :)

I'm leaving town Friday. I'll see if I can getcha another comic before then but I know I won't be uploading till I'm back home so don't hate me if I disappear for a week. San Fran, here I come!


Vera Wylde said...

When I saw the title I was wondering what way you'd go. Great to see you tackle both options in one go. I love the hint of embarassment on the "cow" girl, as humiliation is usually an aspect in this kind of play.

Lord Crios said...

Now must ask: any client of your dungeon has ever asked a girl to dress up as animals?

Nic said...

Lord Crios, yes, we most often get "pony play" and "puppy play" in the dungeon. :)

Anarcho-Cynicalist said...

The cowgirl looks like the humanized version of Applejack from the new My Little Pony series.


Anarcho-Cynicalist said...

Which is a good thing cause I'm kinda hot for humanized Applejack

Anonymous said...

My vote for next featured fetish either goes to fisting, footing, latex or sissy boys!

Nic said...

That's alot of requests, Anon! I'm happy to add one of your choosing to the queue but please wait abit before requesting another, so that other people have a chance, too. :) The list is pretty long already.

Also, I do my best to keep nudity/penetration etc to a minimum in this comic because I'm interested in it being more light-hearted and less erotic so I'd prefer not to tackle fisting or footing though I know I could find a way to portray them without compromising my aims for the comic. :)

Blogger said...
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