So, alot of people didn't seem to be catching on as to where this storyline was going but hopefully it's now becoming very clear. :3

I have many more of these to upload for this month so we're just getting started!

Anyway, I'm completely exhausted. -_- This month is eating me alive.
DomCon was fun, but stressful, as usual. Those of you on my twitter or facebook page got to see lots of photos of me wearing very little clothing hah. I'm too lazy to post them here so go find them on your own. :P

I have about a week off now, mostly because I totally messed up my dungeon work schedule this week, blargh. -_-
I'm going to spend that week jamming on commissions and comics as fast as I can so hopefully I'll knock abunch of those out. Thanks everyone for being patient.

Now, I rest. *phew*

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T.A. said...

That first panel is so wonderful

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