Admittedly I rushed through this one abit. I'm a little swamped between commissions and getting back to work. Even though I'm only working two days a week at the dungeon now it DOES eat those days up entirely and I've still been traveling with my TENS unit job. I just got home from Arizona and I'm drowsy from the long weekend.

I guess this comic isn't one of my funniest but it's something that happens ALL THE TIME. I can talk day and night about illegal activity but can't and WON'T ever actually do it. Still, sometimes clients are too convinced by my performance (or perhaps it's just wishful thinking) and assume we can take things beyond the laws and limits. Most of them are genuinely surprised when I stop them and remind them that we're just roleplaying. I've even faked orgasms (something I've never done in bed!)

So, there's not alot of news on my life. Still at a stand-still with the medical issues and still no new car. I've committed to a few cars only to have the seller vanish or demand more money at the last second so it's not going well. :( Still... it'll be solved eventually, I suppose. I'm very impatient for my life to move forward and past these difficulties so I can get on to worrying about something else...

So, the last matter to chat about, it's officially May! And many of you may remember that May is USUALLY Freaky Fetish Month. It's a big month for me because it's both my birthday month AND the month of the birth of the comic. :) Of course there's also mothers day and DomCon so it's a busy time of year. I don't suppose I'll see any of you at DomCon?

Anyway, regarding Freaky Fetish Month. I've run out of good ammo. I have afew subpar strange fetishes that don't translate well into comics or that aren't that weird in my opinion... and I suppose I could scrape by with the "bottom of the barrel" freaky fetishes but I'd rather not do something lackluster in celebration of a momentous month. So, instead, I'm going to surprise you all with a bit of a side-bar storyline. It's just abit of silly, cliche fun but hopefully you will all enjoy it and if it's well received then maybe once in awhile I'll pick it back up again for kicks. :)

So, I will do my best to update with frequency but between everything going on and my new idea being a little ambitious (and commissions to still keep up with) I may struggle abit. But I'll try hard and I'll update soon! Come and see me at DomCon!

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I'd sell you my car in a heartbeat but I have a title loan out on it =.=

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