Featured Fetish: Sticky Gum

I'm baaaack!
I know I already mentioned that I'm home but the first week back was jam-packed for me and I'm only now getting back to my usual routine and finding moments of free time. I've had a really eventful welcome home sort of time and it was all great but I'm really happy to have some alone-time again!

So, I took my very first person I've met via this comic to the dungeon Saturday night! I had a FANTASTIC time and from what I could tell, so did she! She was a huge hit, all of my friends are disappointed that she's leaving town and won't be around more. Loved your presence, Little Goda! <3 Come back to us someday!

Okay, this is a Featured Fetish I didn't get up on time (it was meant for the 19th.)
Now, I've never done this fetish myself and we can't really get away with it in the dungeon because it'd be WAY too messy. So I don't have alot to say on the matter, unfortunately. I can say the first (and one of the very few times) I've witnessed this fetish was here. Now, since this was requested like almost all of the FFs I'm sure there are people out there who could enlighten you on the topic of this fetish better than I!
If this is your thing, tell us about it! What's appealing about it? How's the best way to enact it? Is cleanup terrible? (That's one I wanna know!)

I'll be working to get a great many comics up in the next week or two so be sure to stay tuned for the catch-up. :)


Goda said...

Oh, it was totally a mutual fantastic time. Cory and I are already planning a vacation to SoCal in the future, with at least one visit to see you.

Anonymous said...

So yes.

This would be my boyfriend's fetish and thank you for doing it. :3

It's actually easy to clean up, depending what the 'sticky' material is.

We tend to melt marshmallows and gummybears together. Cheap and works really well, and easy to clean up.

We use one of those plastic sheets that cling to carpets. the one you use for around computer chairs?

It stays put, and it's easy to move around. Just got to poor hot/warm water over the mess and it just melts away slowly.

even it the sticky stuff gets on shoes, clothes or even yourself. Hot water it is. XD

I can't explain what is appealing about it, I've tried asking my boyfriend but he has a hard time describing it. He says it's kinda like bondage...but not.

Nic said...

Thanks for the enlightenment, Anon!

Kinda like bondage... Okay, that makes sense to me. :)

Anonymous said...

my online name is MeerKat and in 1995 I accidently started this fetish. I had a site called stuckgirls http://savagewolf.tripod.com For me it started out as I was very young and was kinda like an abstract bondage fetish...stuck in glue, gum, mud or anything sticky I was all about it. It wasn't so much the mess...it was that the subject was trapped and unable to get out of a substance they could freely fight against. I could go on for hours on this sorry if this makes no sense. Feel free to email me at mastershadian@hotmail.com (this goes for anyone who wishes to discuss the subject) If you require more information.

Nic said...

Thanks for the comment, Meerkat, but I have to express disbelief that you STARTED the entire fetish. I'll bet there was some caveman back in the day who would gleefully visit mud and tar pits in his offtime. ;P
Also, feel free to supply us information here instead of making us go the extra step of emailing you. Thanks! :)

Spiral Turquoise said...

Oh yes, sticky fetish. I came across this one very early in my fetishy travels, since a few sites catered to both this and freezing together.

I personally enjoy doing stickiness by hypnotic suggestion. No muss, no fuss, and you still get the sexy writhing. :D But I can totally see the appeal of the struggle against gummy substances.

Anonymous said...

I started the internet following I meant. I am sorry you can delete my post if you like

Nic said...

Nah, not at all. If I'd felt that strongly about it I would have deleted it already. :P

I just want you to feel comfortable answering here on a public forum so that everyone can see the answers. :)

Anonymous said...

Meerkat again

The thing that a lot of people dont understand about stuck fetish is it's not about the messy for most of us...its about the fact the person cannot escape and them trying to do so

Nic said...

That part of it is totally appealing to me. Someone suggested on my twitfeed that it might be a cousin to the quicksand fetish scenarios and I can see where they all have to do with trapped, distressed women.

Which I love! <3

Anonymous said...

Meerkat again: for example...the classic...girl in bare feet is home alone and steps in a puddle of accidently spilled glue...then comes the long fight to escape, struggling, looking for tools, all in a desperate fight to escape, but she cannot budge!

Anastasia said...

Wow, I think I may have discovered a new fetish of mine, thanks, Nic! This is awesome and looks hot and super-fun. I think we should try to do it at a party sometime, if you'll loan us the use of the kiddy pool again.

SleepyKiks said...

welcome back.

I've seen pictures around an art site I'm on of girls getting somewhat eaten by gummy bears and quick sand and become a horrible mess but I never really thought much of it till now @_@

Anonymous said...

This kinda brings up an odd question. But I think if anywhere's the place to ask it, this is it.

I'm new to the fetish world, and recently a girl and I got together. I used a belt on her, but the odd part was is I almost thing the experience was non-sexual for me.

I've had sexual encounters with a sort of fetish flare to them, and those all excited the the sex center of my brain.

After watching the video about sticky fetish, I kinda had the same non-sexual excitement going on. And so I just wanted to ask if like that's normal, or like can fetish stuff be non-sexual, or SHOULD it be non-sexual.

Also, Normally I'm super open about this kind of stuff, but this time I marked it as anonymous because I think this is a newb question, and didn't want the backlash if it was stupid. :-p

Nic said...

Stasia, we so need another messy night at PAS.

Anon, I think I get what you're saying. Alot of bdsm and fetish activities are fun and pleasurable for me but I don't necessarily get SEXUAL satisfaction from it. I get some other rush of adrenaline and dopamine that's still awesome though.

Eric V said...


I'm nowhere near a Dom status or anything like that, but to add to Nic's answer. There are a lot of people, even in your area, that practice BDSM for reasons other then sexual release. One site I have recently joined myself which seems to have a lot of friendly locals in my area is www.fetlife.com, lots of 'kinksters' and fetishists alike there that have been friendly to me.

Anonymous said...

I came across an interesting definition of fetish a while back that I think is somewhat relevant to Anon's question above.

"4.# An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation."

So yeah a fetish can be something other than sexual gratification. :)

Nic said...

Ah, neat find FireFly!

I know from school that fetishes are not always gratifying, there are times that they're almost debilitating, but I've been in the scene so long I tend to forget it's not all fun! :P

Anonymous said...

I assumed this was somewhat like a hentai goo girl fetish

Anonymous said...

I too must thank you for showing this, I'd only previously thought that this fetish was only possible in art - but thanks to you my girlfriend and I have another fun fetish to try. :D

Nic said...

Cool, report back if that works out well, Anon! :D

MeRLoT said...

THAT looks like fun! love the cartoon / graphic as well!

nekoMimi Loli said...

never done it but the guy that I ageplay with as my lil brother wants to do it by putting gum in my hair...it is now listed as one of my hard limits -_-

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