The Weirdest Thing I've Ever Done

If this doesn't make sense, be sure to read the comic previous to this.

So, a bit of a kickback to one of the very first comics. Of course, when I started this well over a year ago I didn't know when this would be revealed or how the character would change so I put a new spin on the old snapshot of this.

This was always actually a really fun session but all of the other girls couldn't understand how I could keep a straight face. For some reason I don't laugh during silly sessions, I just immerse myself completely in the role!

We have played with the idea that this guy did this stuff purely as a joke, to laugh at us girls doing something so weird, but why would you repeatedly pay over $100 a pop for a joke? I'm pretty sure the dude was serious.

So, something is wrong with our water here. We only get scalding hot water, no matter where we set the tap at. Some dudes came and replaced all the parts and looked everything over and they still couldn't fix it so now there's a chance we'll be changing rooms. UGH, such a hassle. Plus, we got to find this out by slinking back all sweaty and gross from the gym so we're currently drying in our own yuck. *sigh* Well, I AM a dirty, dirty gal. Literally.


Nugg said...

Wow, great timing for me to come back to catch up! That's awesome, I thought from the last comic it must've been leading up to that weirdest fetish... I can almost see how that can be hot though.

But it must've been so weird to do with a straight face. Good on being able to immerse yourself like that :) You really earn that money for your acting skills...

Lord Crios said...

Ok, this is really the most strange thing i've heard. And this boy pay also. But a sane spanking/slave section no? :giggle:

Anonymous said...

Holy crap... I just started reading your comic a couple days ago. I have never understood fetishism or bondage or any of that, but man do I like reading about it.

This comic really takes the cake! Love this site!

Bibliotheque said...

I occasionally enjoy roleplaying a posessed person (not in a sexual context, just to stretch my physical improv chops), but this strip is so perfect and amusing! I can tell that your avatar really got into the act XD

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