Featured Fetish: Forced Feminization

"You didn't think we were inviting you up to our room to fuck you, did you?"

Forced Femme is a favored fetish of mine! I get this alot, probably because I look formidable enough to actually force things on guys. I'm a strong gal. :)

Forced Femme is all about women FORCING a man into dressing up like a woman. Anything non-consensual is top of my list which is probably why I prefer this to just plain cross-dressing. :) Don't get me wrong, I like both, but the added bonus of shame is great. I love to call sissy's names and parade them in front of the other gals to mock. It's some good times! I love to pair forced femme with some discipline, too. Hairbrush and hand spankings go great with this fetish.

Okay, sorry to be brief but the net is sketch here and today is Sharky's birthday! He's 29 and we're all going out for sushi on this hot, tropical night. See you guys in a day or two with continued updates into the lipsynching fetish.


Vera Wylde said...

Well first off Happy Birthday to Sharky!

Secondly I'm really happy to see this one go up. Great fun and you represent it so well! I love that you included a corset, those things are such exquisite torture.

Mandy said...

You two are adorable!

Kris said...

Happy belated Birthday to Sharky, and... Damn... Nail on the head. Great picture, wonderful fetish. Non-con is amazing. Too bad it's not something I can really explore. Oh well. Keep up the good work! And hope you Sharky have fun.

Evals Pup said...

I always loved the idea of this fetish... sadly I just don't have the figure for it.

Kate said...

Man I'd LOVE to try this fetish with my man but since he is A.) non consenting in the "if I force him to do this, it's fucked up and grounds for dumping me" way, B.) none of my clothes or heels or corset fit him, C.) I love him and don't want to upset him and D.) He is bigger and stronger than me, I can't force SHIT on him lol.

Liv said...

OMG, you two are just precious together!

Jellyhead said...

This happened to me once.
but I was so chilled with it - I was neither freaked out or turned on - it was just an "oh, okay" monent.

My friend/lover/part-time-Domme who did it was so disappointed! Poor girl! So she put me in handcuffs and took me out to have ice cream instead!

Vampi said...

NIC YOUR SOOOO CUTTTTTEEE!!! ~squirms~ I been reading your comics non stop! Glad To see there are other gurl with sense of humor into BDSM!

Love your work
Love you!


Unknown said...

Nope can't do that, way too hairy, don't feel like my femine side is too repress.

Ya'll look awesome

Boomer Gonzales said...

Oh wow; I can't believe this made a feature! One of my all-time faves. Combined with the submissive schoolboy, the buzz becomes intense.

Also, love the pic. You two are indeed adorable.

flamewolf said...

Huh. Ive never heard of this one. It sounds fun ;)

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