Featured Fetish: Watersports

And I don't mean water polo. ;P

It feels like it's been awhile since I did a Featured Fetish... Hopefully this one is as big a hit as the last. :) (We discovered so many new sticky fetishists out there!)

Watersports! Refers to all things pee related. :) Now, there are lots more hyperspecific names like "golden showers" which is used when peeing ON somebody else. And typically, that's what this fetish consists of. It's rarer to find someone who just wants to watch someone pee. Usually it involves one partner peeing on another and oftentimes consuming the pee, too. :)

I think it's funny that people have been "correcting" the titles of my Featured Fetishes because basically every single one has MULTIPLE titles. It just depends on the group and region which is used most commonly. Around the dungeon we generally use the term golden showers more frequently but I went with watersports for my image because I chose not to have the gal peeing ON a partner. I guess she could be showering the ground...

Now I've done this playfully with partners in the past (just to try, in the shower) but never in the dungeon because fluid exchange is illegal and we don't take our panties off anyways. This one doesn't specifically do anything for me but I've heard guys say they appeal of it for them is that they, "like anything that comes out of a woman's body."
I could see that.

I think watersports are cute in a rebelious sense. Anytime a chick pees on something to show derision or pees out in nature I get a thrill at the novelty of it. I love peeing in the woods. :)

At least pee is sterile!

Okay, so, I've been WAITING for someone to bring up my two missed comics and therefore my two punishments! Nobody really said anything but luckily for you all I am an HONEST art-slave (can't you tell yet?)
So, I owe you guys two colored updates. The next two will be full color. :)

I've been in a little bit of a funk lately so my production rate is way down. :( Hoping to shake it off soon. Damn us moody artists!


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for a fetish, even though you mentioned it in an earlier comic. Tickling!

Personally I like fingernails the best, but you could do a feather or something too. Whatever you feel like drawing.

Nic said...

Someone beat you to it, Neko!
It's scheduled to pop up next month! :D

Anonymous said...

I love her facial expression :D it is as if she is daring you not to look away. Very beautifully formed <3

Aut said...

This fetish actually grosses me out, but the art is really well done. I love how spunky the girl is, the defiance in her hands on her hips, the panties around her ankle...it's all portrayed very well. c:

Anonymous said...

Actually, urine is only sterile if it comes directly from the bladder (i.e. through sampling). Once the urine passes through the urethra it picks up all sorts of Gram negative bacteria. Granted, they're *usually* pretty harmless, but it can cause problems.

*end random medical factoids*

Dark Eros said...

It's not just guys. Female submissives find it appealing as well. I've been a Dom for 18 years and every slave I've been with long-term (4) has asked me to give them a golden shower at least once. It never made any of them aroused, but they said it made them feel extremely submissive, which I can understand.
I think even in the extreme porn industry, people hesitate more to show a man urinating on a woman than a woman urinating on a man...just like in media all you ever seem to see is female dominants.

Anonymous said...

Well with you trottin' around it is kinda hard to figure out the schedule now ;P.

I'm a ditto with Aut on squicks me out, but the pose really is fab. It actually took me a moment to fully process it was watersport because of said pose haha.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know we were supposed to come up with punishments!

I'm not really sure how much free time you have, you sound pretty busy, or how long each of these comics takes you. I'm guessing you must either be pretty busy or they take along time if you're not getting them up on time.

Instead of color though, if you can do it, it would be cool if you updated with the regular comic you were supposed to update with and a bonus comic of Nic getting tortured or something. You know, since we can't discipline you in real life. ^_^

Nic said...

Eros, I didn't realize I'd made it sound like only women liked it... I usually try to say "partners" and things like that. I've seen plenty of people into it from both ends and tried both sides of it myself. I only drew a girl cuz... well... I like to draw women. :)

Anon, there was a brief discussion a few pages back about punishments and everyone concluded that the "colored update" punishment was the best one so that's what got decided upon. :) The sketch thing isn't a bad idea either but I'm just gonna go with majority rules. :)

Bill_Wa said...

Thank you for going with the watersports fetish. GoldenShower/Cocktail I can handle, the brown variety is way too gross, not to mention dangerous.
And can someone tell me how to get my profile pic up? I add a pic, it's like 1.7kb, maybe 40 by 40, yet the little word verification thingy juyst keeps spinning around and around and around adn aro, well you get the idea.

Evals Pup said...

Very nice, and her face is kind of cute too. :) Another fine fetish added to the list.

I'm not into the golden showers really, but is there a name for just consuming it? I guess "used as toilet" would be the only thing I can think of. I really REALLY like the idea of that. Not only are you helping your owner (and saving them a few steps to the bathroom lol) but it's such a lovely form of humiliation.

Nic said...

Yea, we discuss "toilet training" here alot, even though we can't actually do it. I tell slaves I'm going to use their tongue as toilet paper. :P

Evals Pup said...

lucky slaves :)
Ironically the most I have given, and really enjoy is a rimjob, but I haven't heard a Mistress say my tongue is to be used as toilet paper for front or back. It gives me the (happy) shivers just thinking about it.
So what might you mean in reference to "toilet training" I wonder.

Lindsey said...

That's the only reason I wouldn't worry about [at least] trying anything urine-related, due to the sterile properties of it. Not totally my thing, but I'm one of those people who'll try anything three times. :)

Another good one, Nic. TGIF <3

Anonymous said...

Excited for the colour update today!

Anonymous said...

Me personally, while peeing on and/or drinking is a bit beyond my "comfort zone", I rather enjoy watching women pee, particularly if it's done publically/outdoors... not sure why, I guess it's the whole "exposure" aspect of it - seeing an act normally kept especially private being put on display. Weirdly, I don't care for "peeing her pants" stuff - that just feels like it strays more toward the "humiliation" side of things than normal "squat and squirt" display.

Sabina said...

Ugh, this hits close to home lol. Always weirds me out when I think about this thing. Never did it, but this VERY famous lead singer of a band kept wanting, almost begging, me to do it to him. He wanted me to take photos and send them to him of me on a toilet, etc. Ugh so...odd. Lol.

flamewolf said...

One of the few fetishes Im not into.

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