What's In A Name?

Look, I haz moar for you!

So, not trying to be snooty with this but I swear to gawd every person I talk to has dated or known a Dominatrix. Now, I'm not saying I'm the only one out there... But I'm pretty sure most of the guys who tell me they've been with a Domme have just been with a cute little girl who decided to call herself a Domme.
It is that easy, afterall. I know lots of people who just claim the title but don't fit the role.

Not that there isn't always room to learn!
Also, I really do have terribly messy writing...

So, despite Mark's colorful suggestion that he get to cattleprod me for every comic I miss... *glare* I like the idea of you guys "punishing" me for slacking by making me give you colored updates for each comic missed. So far that seems to be the suggestion that everyone prefers so I'm starting it today!
Now, I'm not going to adhere to this for the stuff I've already missed. I'm already bombarding you with comics and if you give me a week we're going back to 3 updates a week...
But after the 17th (which is the next Featured Fetish) we're going to be instating this rule. If I miss an update day (and I'm not talking updating a few minutes after midnight, no fair!) then you all get to punish me and reward yourselves with the next update being full color. :)
Whatta ya say? Even I need some discipline once in awhile!

Okay, off to work a bit early for me today. Enjoy!


JerkyChid said...

I still think you should do a comic while "spending time" with Sharky

Nic said...

Haha, geez Jerky...
Maybe I will!
But I don't promise it'll be any good.

Shelby said...

=D I still say bring on more sexy devil girls

FireFlyNexes said...

I have the pleasure of knowing one young woman that is a Dominatrix and you can tell right off the bat shes not a fake. I have however run into the fakes, poor things :P.

On a side note, after looking at the pictures of the Dungeon I must say you work at one of the coolest places ever! I so wish I didn't live several states over, or I would so be there. :D

Nic said...

Shelby, they will come!
I'm just being sadistic by keeping you all in suspense! Muahaha!

FireFly, Thank you very much!
If you're ever in LA please drop me a line and come visit us! :D

Anonymous said...

This is fricken adorable

Bill_Wa said...

I know you aren't a Maso, but I love the line, How do you torture a masochist? Do nothing

Nic said...

Haha, Bill, it's kinda true!
Wanna know how to punish me? Spanking won't work, corner time won't work, I like all those things.
Just make me do dishes. D: I hate it!

Elle said...

I like the comic, though it reminds me of a social problem I have:
What do I say as a response to people who insist that a) everybody is a top, bottom, or switch and b) very few people are real doms. Mostly these lines are from people who claim that they are a dominatrix; ergo I'm a bottom they're a top.
I don't identify as any of these labels, but people walking up and telling me what I am in casual conversation is very aggravating.
Dear Nic what do I do?

Nic said...

Elle, of course there are peole who don't like to be classified but typically these three terms are used to describe people who ONLY top, ONLY bottom or do both. If you aren't strictly one way or the other you're likely to get grouped as a switch. Hopefully you wouldn't look at it as people trying to classify you and force you into a little niche and more as people trying to get a handle on how they could interact with you. :)

But, if you really still don't like the terms you could always say you just don't know where you fit into the scene and that you don't like labels that may exclude important aspects of yourself. Of course, that's a great opening for them to TELL you what you are.

If you want to be more explicit in your desire not to be catagorized you might say you want to experience all sides of things without being constrained and would rather not be labeled. It's the fastest way to politely ask someone not to call you one of those three titles. :)

Hope it helps! Good luck!

Vera Wylde said...

Delivering one pre sex spanking does not a dominatrix make.

Evals Pup said...

I can claim to have had a girl-friend who thought she was a Dominatrix. So instead I have a Mistress now and it's much better.

The question is then, what makes you a Dominatrix? I like to think it's all in the mind, as well as the energy your put off. My Mistress now seems to have an aura of command about her, which I can't get enough of.

The comic is cute Nic :)

CJ Mercline said...

actually, since I have had a whopping 3 gf in my life (I'm 29), I haven't had a dominatrix for a gf. not sure I'd want one, either. No offence, hon, but sub/dom is not a fetish I'd want to explore. still great work!

JellyHead said...

My one girl WAS a Dominatrix... except eioth me, she was sub.

now I'm in the opposite: I'm dating a girl who THINKS she is vanilla. (And I've never been happier!)

CourtneyD said...

I consider myself a Domme even though I don’t practice in the “scene” or whatever you want to call it. I enjoy BDSM and all it entails, I think you become a Dominatrix when you can practice t with more frequency and sometimes, professionalism. I live with my parents and suffer from chronic illness that occasionally physically debilitates me to the point of non-movement so I cannot practice it the way I want simply for lack of privacy and strength but I have that streak in me and that need to control.

I may not be a sadist in the clinical definition of the term, because I find no pleasure in HARM but I do in hurt. I am not a sociopath/psychopath and very few people are those types of sadists (thankfully). I find I am more unwilling to be brutal with my boyfriend than some stranger simply because I love him so much and I don’t want to do any permanent damage. If I don’t know 100% what I am doing, I will hesitate for fear of hurting my baby.

There are many types of dominant sex and I am waiting to practice some of the more “dangerous” aspects of sadomasochism. I am a bit of a perfectionist and until I am of sufficient health I won’t be doing anything too heavy (especially not without proper knowledge) but I don’t think that doesn’t make me a sexually dominant personality.

Email me your response maybe, luffy_sp@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I had a professor who called herself "Donna Matrix". Does that count?

Anonymous said...

I really hate this crap about "true" Dommes. I'm happy for you that you work as a pro-domme, but just because someone may have less experience than you doesn't mean they aren't a Domme. This is really pretentious on your part.

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