Kitty Slippers

More kitties for you.
It's cold here but kitties are good for warmth...

Ugh, sorry for the dumps and gaps in my updates. My schedule has been crazy and contributing to it is my dating life. Which has been full of many failures and a single success. We'll see where that's headed.

I'm working another con this weekend, I've been really busy with the booth babe work which is super awesome. :)

I'll try to get you guys some legit BDSM comics soon!

Oh yea, and I'm growin' back the mohawk.


Kate said...

OMG YES! I absolutely looooove women with mohawks and chelseahawks! So sexy!

And this comic was soooo cute. I love Nic's facial expression in the last panel!

Keep up the great work!

MoonShadow said...

I think all your comics are awesome. I've been posting as Anonymous, but I think I should go ahead and make a name. Again, I love it. It's awesome. I love your personality too. You don't give damn about how people judge you and that's awesome!! Love it. Can't wait for more. But take your time and don't get pressured. I know you've got your own life too. Thanks for the great comic.

Nic said...

Aw Moon, thank you so much. :)
You guys really warm my heart (and sometimes my cockles!) ;)

MoonShadow said...

Anytime, love. ~_^

Anonymous said...

If PAS is definitely re-opening, then I have a legitimate reason for my hubby to let me go to CA.

Yes, I will plan an entire trip around one night of being in a dungeon.

Nic said...

Fine by me, anon! Hopefully once we reopen we'll be throwing the same awesome parties. :)

Lord Crios said...

LoL funniest.

Lindsey said...

I can't wait to wear my latex to PAS. :)

Another hilarious one, Nic. <3 Even my two cats had a chuckle.

Bibliotheque said...

Nooo, bad Nikki! Poor cartoon kitties!

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