Featured Fetish: Hairy

Are you ready for this?
Hairy fetish! Ohhhh yes, one I cater to myself!

I don't know if I've mentioned to you guys recently that for a few months now I've let the leg and armpit hair come back completely. :D
I feel much more sexy and feminine this way, though I can't explain why beyond knowing this is just how women are naturally when we don't seek to change ourselves.
Also, I enjoy the musky smell my pits have with hair.
But it's the leg-hair that I'm really in love with, as you all know. :)

I have MANY clients who adore my hairiness. I'm surprised everyday when guys compliment me on the hair or want to worship it. :) I feel very powerful and strong and feminine when guys want to revel in my body hair. :D

I had SO much fun drawing and coloring this sexy mama! She looks very confident about herself and she's winning me over with those sly eyes. I wanted to go bright with the colors, I hope you all like! She has a sunny disposition, and sunny halo of hair!

I DO think my excess of color sort of swallowed the focus of the picture, the hair, but maybe that's just me?

Anyway. I've been feeling a might bit under the weather lately. Nothing terrible but irritating, none the less. Tea and toast for breakfast improved my mood if not my physical ailments.

Really having a good time dating, still! It's weird to see Sharky from time to time, unfortunately. I hope someday that will feel normal again.


Jabbausaf said...

Fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

My problem with hairy women is that when I see them naked I just can't stop drooling! And the closer I get the worse it gets and there is this uncontrollable urge to start licking and...

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly enough, this actually isn't a fetish I have :O

Anonymous said...

I don't so much love being hairy as hate what hair removal does to me physically... that and the idea of no pubic hair at all really creeps me out, like I'm pandering to pedophilic urges... although as far as armpits go, for odour reasons alone I think both women AND men should shave there... oh well, nobody ever said likes and dislikes had to make sense :)
Chevette Girl

Nic said...

I actually shaved my pits my whole life because I was concerned about odor but now that I've let them go I realize I don't stink anymore than I used to. I definitely can smell a certain musk if I put my face right in there but it's not like B.O. or anything like that, not sour or stinky.

I DO get stinky if I put myself in a super sweaty situation but if I know about that ahead of time I'm sure to slather on the deodorant. :)

Anonymous said...

More power to people that know what they like. As a guy I honestly shave my armpits and legs regularly and expect the same from any of the girls I date. THAT being said I'm don't expect maintenance all the time, just a mild upkeep is nice for me.

Lindsey said...

I love growing out my hair. I think it reminds me of when I was going through puberty and how exciting it was to actually have hair grow places. I love having a bush now, also. I would prefer to grow my hair all the way but of course people have their expectations sexually and such... what I'm looking forward to this year is going to Nebraska in the winter -- I'll have two to three weeks to grow out the stuff and no one will expect me to shave... it's going to be heaven!

I never thought I'd be in a position to say this out loud, lol. I love this fetish. Hair feels better.

Vera Wylde said...

I think the hair on her head kind of took center stage but I actually like it that way. I notice that first and then the eyes wander down and notice the rest of the hair and my brain kind of clicks it all together and goes "yeah, ok, I get it."

I've never thought much of body hair on a woman one way or the other... then again I've never gotten all that far with a woman who didn't at least trim most of it. Of course for myself body hair is the devil that I wish would just die, but that's my issue.

Anonymous said...

Sexy drawing :D
I have a mixed relationship with body hair. While I don't' like it on my legs and hate it on my pits (to me it smells and I feel bleeuugh), i'm a big fan of pubic hair. I fret that a lot of guys don't' like it (after all, look at all the porn, plus it hardly looks appealing from a back view) but something about having proper pubes oddly makes me feel way more feminine - like an Eve in the Garden of Eden type feminine.
Lord knows why.
The aagain I'm generlaly hairy in more socially acceptable ways. My ahir's so thick and curly it defines my appearance really, and I have mannish eyebrows.
One thing i DON'T like is that i have a goddamn 'happy trail' on my belly.
Sexy on men, not so much on women.

I don't' really like hairy guys. i bit is ok, as is pubes, but I've only just started to quietly like men's pit hair if it's not too much. but back hair and TOO much chest hair are often trunoffs, but a little chest ahir is adorable and manly.

TMI? probably ><

Nic said...

I don't believe in TMI. :P

Funny, my dad told me he misses the days (the hippy days) when chicks had little happy trails. He says he thinks that's unbelievably sexy. :)

Anonymous said...

quite honestly? I really only like hairy pussy. I don't know why, but hairy legs or armpits are bit of a turn off for me. Hairy pussy, on the other hand, drives me fucking wild.

Anonymous said...

my friend has a huge thing for hairy cunts. :P

Ami said...

I don't like having a bunch of body hair personally, I don't shave my pubes bald but trim them very short because I like the way it feels to be short, And I definitely notice an increase in BO when I don't shave for a while. I am not OCD about it but when it gets too long its gotta go just for my own comfort. However I hate razor burn so pubes get short but not razor short lol.

Nic said...

Oddly enough I get MORE BO and sweat when I'm shaved. I much prefer the dry musk that comes with my armpit hair. :) Plus I hear alot more often that I smell good! I just smile a secret smile and say thanks instead of elaborating about how I avoid using any deodorant, lotions, soaps and scents. :p

Anonymous said...

I <3 hair and didn't shave the last 8 or 9 years. I just sometimes trim my pubic hair a little.

In my experience my armpits dry much faster und the skin don't stick together, odor stayed more or less the same. I like the feeling when the wind blows into my hairs in general. Especially when I wear a short skirt I feel like getting stroked and whorshiped all the time by wind... It feels much more intens, as well when I get touched. And I usually (depends on situation and mood) I love people giving me different looks on the street - that's sometimes quite funny. Especially the combination of very sexy outfit and flirty mood and than people start flirting with me and than see my hair ;)
and about my pubic hair...they make everything more intens and stimulate me much more (especially much more than the red dots which itch and hurt after shaving bald). I love getting massages and extra sensation from my hair :-D

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